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Are Phones Killing our Social Life? (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task is A reaction paper. The paper should include a short summary, but the focus of the reaction paper is about your thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
Use your imagination to write the opening of a short story that is inspired by this
illustration. Please write a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 2 pages.


Are Phones Killing Our Social Life?
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Are Phones Killing Our Social Life?
Where is your phone at the moment? It is likely within arm's reach. Have you sent one text message or a series of text messages today? Additionally, the probable response is yes. If you have ever wondered, "How have mobile phones altered our social interactions?" The answer is in numerous ways. Researchers examined how individuals of all ages use mobile phones and how they affect their social interaction and communication abilities. Most individuals have developed at least partial reliance on their mobile phones for reasons other than convenience. Cell phones have become a significant means of communication and maintaining one's social life.
What impact does all of this have, one may wonder? Relationship expectations have changed. Since people are so reliant on their phones and can practically text from anywhere, they expect prompt responses. This notion is particularly true for people who are romantically involved. Additionally, since so many individuals depend on text messaging for communication, some experts see a decline in communication abilities. For instance, sociologists caution that the most human and humanizing activity that we engage in is conversation.  It is here that empathy and closeness are formed. We have shifted away from dialogue in ways that are detrimental to us. Even if you are not using your phone for planning or communication with a buddy, your most recent face-to-face contact almost certainly inc

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