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Economic Growth in Thailand Accounting, Finance, SPSS Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Analysis of Thailand's economic growth. Analysis of Thailand's economic structure. Compare GDP data and analyze the reasons for historical economic growth and decline. Combining policy, population and culture to understand Thailand's overall economy. Finally predict future changes.


Economic Growth in Thailand
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Economic Growth in Thailand
Over the past few decades, Thailand has exhibited remarkable and constant progress in its economic growth. The performance is a trendsetter since, in a short period, the country has risen to an upper income from a low-income nation. The country has eradicated poverty at considerable margins, while at the same time establishing sustainable growth for in future decades. Within a decade, the nation has shifted from 37383. 5663 GDP to 40373. 75106 (2007-2017). Following the trends, it is essential to consider the country’s economic structure, reasons for growth, and decline in growth. It is from the factors, together with the country’s economy, that one can tell the future.
Thailand's financial growth results from a contribution of particular factors that make up the country's economic growth. Agriculture is a critical aspect of the country's growth, given the goods it produces and labor involved (Doan, 2020). The sector is a considerable employer, although its contribution to the GDP is minimal. Agriculture plays a significant role in the country’s sustenance, and the presence of natural resources together with a conducive environment keeps the industry going. Thailand produces rice and runner on a large scale adequate for the local market, while the surplus goes to the international market as export.

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