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Different Ethical Issues That Influence Businesses Across The Globe (Research Paper Sample)


the task contained ethical issues that influence businesses across the globe. the paper identified both ethical and unethical in business at large.


Module 2 Accounting Discussion
In the contemporary world today, laws do not address all ethical issues in business. The dilemma occurs in matters likely to suggest that not all legal business actions are ethical in this context. Most legal business actions are unethical because of choice matters within the business. In most cases, business practices are legally achieved because it is a requirement in the business sector. The legality of a business is also essential in most companies in the contemporary society today. Moreover, it is categorical that ethical issues in a community create technical choices in the business world. For example, most business industries are not in a position of reusing or recycling plastic bags unless the local people are in demand for it. Therefore, the above narrative depict the essence in which the legality of a business does not display the ethical nature of its existence in the society at large. The ethical nature in the above context is the ability to reuse or recycle plastics concerning the legali

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