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Tesla Motors Analysis Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Tesla Motors
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Tesla Motors
Tesla is a known automotive company responsible for varieties of products and services. It is located in California with Palo Alto as headquarter. It provides a range of services, including solar roof tiles, panels, grid scales, battery storage, and electric cars. It is also ranked as one of the world's producers of high-quality electric vehicles. Its current market share is at 16%, with increased annual sales (Tesla, 2021). The company is also focusing on solar products, developing a new solar city and effective social corporate responsibility. Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard founded the company in 2003 as Tesla motors. Its sales have grown by 35.8%, with a P/E ratio of 1,093.04 (Tesla, 2021). With the increased sales, Tesla opts for escalated growth due to the increased technological advancement and innovation techniques.
Tesla's goals include accelerating to sustainable energy, promoting brand and customer loyalty. The goals have been successfully achieved through introducing the latest models of electric cars (Model S) to ensure compelling and sustainable brands. However, currently, the main goal is to promote the latest product, Model S Plaid Plus. The main aim of introducing the product is to expand its brand recognition and a price tag of $ 139 900 (Szymkowski, 2021). Tesla as a company thought about the product (Model S Plaid Plus) to promote high customer satisfaction. This is an essential corporate responsibility as electric cars require minimum maintenance costs and increased fuel savings (Baffour-Awuah, 2020). The product is also environmentally friendly as

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