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Art Influences in Social Psychology Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The essence of this paper is to outline the impact of art in social psychology


Art Influences in Social Psychology
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Art Influences in Social Psychology
Introduction and Thesis Statement
Social psychology describes the scientific study of how the thoughts, behaviors, and feelings of people are influenced by imagined, real, or implied presence of other people. The topic for this discussion is the influences of art in social psychology. The reason for this topic is because art is an expressive language that can highly influence social psychology. People use art to pass an in-depth or clearer message that mere words cannot manage. Art can arguably offer a lot of impact on social psychology and thus it is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of this topic.
This study will relate to a journal article from the Journal of Life Science and Biomedicine which gives in-depth details on the relationship between art and psychology. It is imperative to have a sharper focus on social psychology and how art influences this branch of psychology. This journal article offers a unique focus on how art influences creativity and influences inner innovative forces in a bid to resolve some mental problems CITATION Nad12 \l 2057 (Nader & Moosa, 2012). This journal article uses a qualitative and descriptive study. The study will also relate to an online journal article from frontiers in psychology which discusses aesthetic emotions across art and pays a lot of attention to the relationship between painting and music. This journal article discusses the relationship between painting and music and how they influence social psychology.
Influences of Art in Social Psychology
The influences on art in social psychology are many and thus this study will be guided on the following questions:
* Which are the influences of art in social psychology?
* How does art influence the emotional responses of people?
* What is the definition of art in the basis of social psychology?
Art is the expression of value, principles, and meaning by using distinct methods by artists in a way that will offer some meaningful emotional outcomes CITATION Nad12 \l 2057 (Nader & Moosa, 2012). This form of art influences people and guides their behaviors and reactions towards a certain direction in terms of values and principles. This shows that art has a lot of influence on the emotional response of an individual. It plays a huge role in influencing the behavior and reaction of people. The influence of art is dependent on the perception and opinion of people towards the world around them and thus art plays a huge role by manipulating that perception. People respond to certain things depending on how they are influenced. Therefore, art can be hugely effective in influencing people. Art defines a wide range of events such as music, painting, poetry, and drama among others and therefore, any form of art can have an impact on the psychology impact of an individual.
Emotional responses to art refer to how people respond to some forms of art. This may refer to the emotional responses that come as a result of appreciation of the expression as powerful, beautiful, or harmonious CITATION Miu16 \l 2057 (Miu, Pitur, & Szentagotai-Tatar, 2016). Social psychology deals with interactions and therefore, art can effectively alter or define these interactions. It can alter how introverts or extroverts reason or how they react. There are forms of art such as music that can define how people deal with their affairs or how they relate to others. The online journal article by Miu, Pitur, and Szentagotai argues that people respond emotionally more to music as a result of physical context, prior mood, and their need to keep company motivation while previous knowledge and feature stimulus help people respond more to painting CITATION Miu16 \l 2057 (Miu, Pitur, & Szentagotai-Tatar, 2016). This argument shows that different forms of art may influence social psychology differently depending on the person. People can listen to music and get sad when they relate it to past activities or the people currently in their lives and thus it is imperative to understand that art has a huge influence on social psychology.
Art can be used to treating the mental state of people or in trying to influence how people relate with each other in the society. Art can achieve positive emotional responses since it can lead to the appraisal of an event in relation to current objectives CITATION Miu16 \l 2057 (Miu, Pitur, & Szentagotai-Tatar, 2016). These may involve changing the mood of a person or engulfing these people in some artistic work and thus influencing how they act and react. People can form friendships or break them under the influence of art. This is because the affective response to art is adverse and may incorporate features such as sadness or nostalgia. The influence of art in social psychology highly depends on the situation, the person, and the stimulus.
Art plays a huge role in social psychology as it can be incorporated in treatment such as art therapy whereby people use creative art activities to develop personality and identity and create a sense of achievement in a person CITATION Nad12 \l 2057 (Nader & Moosa, 2012). This insinuates that art plays a huge role in influencing the behavior of people and how they interact or react in certain situations. The journal art...
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