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The Efficiency of Art Management Principles. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


It talks about the efficiency of the different principles of art management


The Efficiency Principles of Art Management
The Principles of Art Management
Art is an exceptional profession that many talented people benefit from its commercial use since historical times. The dominance of art from ancient to the modern era originates from the innovation and creativity that people bring up. There are millions of renowned artists in the entire world that leave a remarkable art in the industry for creating unmatched works. Art has its principal elements that guide the creative process of the artist. The elements are the principles that people use to define different works. These principles are the tools that facilitate the composition part and bring out the intended design. These principles have critical art integrals that constitute color, texture, shape, form, value and line. Art, therefore, stands on effective principles that are geared towards the development of the fraternity for the present generation and the posterity. The articulation in this paper thereby focuses on describing the “principles of art” in an illustrative manner to produce the meaning that art deserves from the community.

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