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Oscar Wilde (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper A brief research paper on the person of ( Oscar Wilde). Number of Sources 3.

Research Paper for Oscar Wilde
Wilde was born in 1854, and is widely regarded as a bright author, playwright plus wit. In fact, much of his popularity in academic circles is associated to his literary achievements. He remains a fundamental figure in artistic writing. Nevertheless, he was born to R. Wilde and J. Francesca in Dublin (Ireland). Senior Wilde was a famous surgeon and had been knighted due to his service. Wilde’s mum wrote and promoted liberal causes including fervent supporter for Irish Nationalism. Nonetheless, Wilde had a rather swift and fluid intelligence in addition to a gift for languages. Throughout his education he excelled. He attended Enniskillen, Dublin’s Trinity College, plus Oxford’s Magdalen College.
It is noteworthy that he started to build a reputation in poetry as a student, and in 1878 he won the Newdigate prize. He moved to London in 1879, and began to release some of his works including Vera. In 1881, Wilde met his future wife M. Lloyd and continued to utilize styles that advanced his reputation. In the following year, he embarked on a lecture tour of the U.S.A and Carte managed him. He briefly returned to England before travelling to Paris where he met P. Verlaine, S. Mallarme and others. He then went back to the New York to witness his 1st play Vera (Whittington-Egan Richard 93). During this time, he was engaged to Lloyd and returned to England before settling in London. The young couple’s first son was Cyril (1885), and his Vyvyan was born the following year. In the next few years, Wilde was embroiled in homosexuality claims and sodomy charges in court.
The difficulties gave him strength to commit to writing and he became a regular publisher including The Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888), The Portrait of Mr. W. H (1889), The Decay of Lying and others. He encountered some legal difficulties in 1892 after his play (Salome) was banned in England. He travelled to Algiers because French colonies Africa had emerged as a haven for sexual tourism. He returned to England and his play -The Importance of Being Earnest- opened. He was unlucky and lost a case before being sentenced to 2 years (Whittington-Egan Richard 95). Constance died 1898 after a surgery in Italy, and the wife’s family sought to prevent Wilde from ever being with the children again. However, he was released from prison in 1897; and lived under the pseudonym Sebastian Melmoth in exile. His life ended in 1900 in Paris.
Throughout his literary career, he excelled in a number of literary genres. In fact, Wilde’s work is often felt to reflect a close association between his life and art. For instance, early in his career, Wilde came up with fairly tales in which the good and pure always eventually triumphed (Whittington-Egan Richard 97). This formed a benchmark from where his growth in art and other works could be felt differently from other people during the time. Instead of portraying evil as the external force, he chose to depict the evil within humans. This helped him to shed light on what the society was expected to do. Nevertheless, having been born at the time of the Victorian age, some of his works were not received well. It is noteworthy that during this period of history, the continent was undergoing many fundamental changes. Consequently, they contributed to the manner in which the society lived and thought. The changes led to various realignments in the society and it...
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