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Mechanism: The Process of Evolution (Research Paper Sample)


Discuss the mechanism of evolution. Various mechanism of evolution is briefly explained.


Mechanisms of Evolution
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The population evolves while individual species do not evolve. A population refers to a total number of an organism of the same species that can interbreed. The population evolves since they have a collection of genes known as gene pools. As changes in the gene pool occur, the population will evolve.
Evolution is driven by mutation. A mutation is the random change in the genetic makeup of organisms that affect the gene pool. The mutation results in a new allele that leads to genetic variation in a population (Foster, 2000).
Mutation can be beneficial or harmful. For instance, mutation may lead to the production of a particular enzyme within the organism. The enzyme produced allows the organism to eat particular food without harm. As time goes by, those animals with this enzyme survive while those without die. Therefore, nature tends to remove the organism without the enzyme from the ecosystem.

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