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Which Diet is Better: Low Fat, Sugar, or Carbs? (Research Paper Sample)

diet plays a crucial role in the well-being of individuals. People must continually consume to ensure the health of their bodies. However, the nutrition elements vary between fats, carbohydrates, and sugars due to various factors. Despite each nutritional perspective having its characteristics, a low sugar plan is advantageous because it reduces disease occurrence, improves mood, and maintains normal hormonal processes. Therefore, there is a need for nutrition education in communities to teach the benefits of low-sugar diets. source..
Which Diet is Better: Low Fat, Sugar, or Carbs? Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Number and Name Instructor’s Name Date Which Diet is Better: Low Fat, Sugar, or Carbs? Nutrition plays a crucial role in determining the health of the human body. Due to this, depending on external factors such as the environment, individuals have varied dietary choices that have fats, sugars, and carbohydrates as nutritional elements. In light of this, food preferences have extensive outcomes depending on what forms most of the diet. For instance, high fats, sugars, and carbohydrates in diets cause a risk of adversities such as diabetes (Chawla et al.,2020). However, on the other hand, despite low carb and fat nutrition having numerous advantages, they deprive the body of essential elements necessary for various metabolic processes. Hence, a sugarless diet is better because it reduces the risk of diseases, improves mood, and maintains good hormone levels. A low sugar diet is better due to reduced risk of diseases. Using less sugar in nutrition reduces the chances of acquiring disorders such as diabetes. According to Cherbuin and Walsh (2019), sugar contributes to diabetes by causing insulin resistance, which increases glucose in the blood and causes obesity. However, these adversities are reversible by adopting a low-sugar diet. The nutrition regime will do so by stabilizing blood glucose and reducing the risk of obesity. Additionally, sugarless food intake contributes to oral health by preserving the structural integrity of teeth. On the contrary, limiting fat and carbohydrate in the diet does not significantly impact disease prevention and can cause malnutrition. Therefore, less sugar is advantageous since it prevents life-threatening disorders while maintaining the body’s structure. On the other hand, low-sugar nutrition maintains good hormone levels. As mentioned above, sugar directly correlates with insulin volumes in the blood. Cherbuin and Walsh (2019) also show that high glucose levels impair the workings of leptin, causing inflammation. With low sugar intake, an individual will experience regulated hormone levels in the various metabolic processes. Iddir et al. (2020) postulate that by taking small amounts of non-processed sugars, the body reacts by increasing cytokines which act against inflammation. Thus, by reducing sugar intake, the body functions optimally by producing the right amounts of hormones needed for regulation and immunity. In low fat and carb diets, the body will continue to experience shortages in energy production, causing more damage. Therefore, limited sugar intake is beneficial in ensuring crucial hormonal balance. A sugarless diet improves mood. According to Knüppel et al. (2017), consuming sweetened foods causes depressive tendencies and mood disorders. Knüppel et al. (2017) further postulate that the psychological anguish is due to a decrease in neurotrophic factors in high sugar intake. Knüppel et al. (2017) identify that controlling sugar intake regulates people’s psychological wellness. Therefore, low-sugar food plans cause increased production of neurotrophic factors, which reduces depressive bouts. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the loss of energy associated with fewer carbs and fats can cause hunger, leading to mood variation, making low sugar intake a superior nutrition attribute. In conclusion, diet plays a crucial role in the well-being of individuals. People must continually consume to ensure the health of...
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