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A Child Labour In The Corporate World And How To Minimize It (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to write a research paper about child labour in the corporate world and how to minimize it.


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Executive summary
A major impact of child labor to the economy is through the debilitating effect it has on education which is a crucial component to human capital. Also, the country's demographic development is also greatly impacted by child labor incidences. Higher incidences of child labor are generally found in poor countries where children are bound to work in hazardous situations because of poverty. Due to this, the respective governments have taken many initiatives that prevent companies from violating children's rights through child labor. But still, lots need to be done in connection to child labor as poverty level in many countries is quite concerning which contributes to more and more children opting to work instead of schooling. So, the government, companies, NGOs and also the public should take appropriate steps to impoverish children who are vulnerable to child labor, ensure enforcement of laws, and awareness buildings aimed at minimizing these incidences as the level of child labor plus the victims of various disparities is quite concerning to the future generations.
Child labor is a global problem, especially the developing countries. International Labor Organization (ILO) states that approximately 215 million children are working across the world today. Around 70% of these children are working in the agricultural sector and around 115 million are in the worst forms of child labor. Despite this, many companies claim that they adhere to the strict policies put in place about child labor. This report explores the issue of child labor by reviewing the theoretical literature available where we shall develop and critically analyze a case study, and also review the responses from the businesses, society and the government on the issue.
Issues from literature review
Opinions about child labor greatly depend on historical and cultural traditions, general social conditions, and the stages of economic development, however, there is a broad consensus on the unacceptability of the worst child labor forms (Galli 2011, p.60). Amnesty International conducted a report where they found out that there are a number of supplier companies, which are linked with the major technological and automotive companies, still profiting from child labor. Companies like Nestle which has assured their customers that their products use sustainable palm oil, usually turn a blind eye to the worker's exploitation in their supply companies. These companies can exercise they due diligence by investigating the sources of raw materials to determine whether they have been acquired ethically. These companies are supposed to care about child labor by limiting child labor case in their supply chain.
One possibility why child labor is still a challenge is the constraints and preferences faced by the children or their parents do not figure out what happens to the children. Another possibility is the fact that in most instances, the children's parents are the ones that decide their children does. These parents act on their own or household's best interest, regardless if it what is in the best interest of the child where they end up being exploited by the employers (Nielsen 2015, p.560). The literature on child labor suggests that once a child is in an exploitative labor, there are a variety of barriers preventing them to escape. These barriers might include; being removed from their parents' households or losing emotional and financial support that could have been provided by their parents. Also, these children don't attend schools which prevents them from acquiring the skills that are needed to earn decent wages when they are adults (Bequele & Boyden 2015, p.115). This might lead to sending their own children to work upon becoming parents themselves, forming some sort of a circle referred to as the “poverty trap” where generation after generation continues to miss schooling to work.

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