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Critical Analysis of an Advertisement (Research Paper Sample)

the paper talks about the different methods used by McDonald to advertise their products. source..
Critical Analysis of an Advertisement Students Name University Critical Analysis of an Advertisement Introduction Advertisements are used to sell things that consumers want even if they do not wish for them. Advertising products that consumers do not need is not an efficient use of advertising money. In most cases, only products that people desire are advertised such as cars, food, services and clothing. However, according to some advertising experts, the greatest influence in advertising occurs in choosing a brand at the point of sale. Advertisements are supposed to be appealing to customers through colorful images, logos and clear writing. The use of colors is always appealing to consumers since it makes a product unique from the other competitors. For instance, when looking at the image and logo for MacDonald's it can be seen to symbolize its non-conventionality. When using these images, a message is passed through without using unnecessary words and explanations. For years, MacDonald's has had an extensive advertising campaign. Besides advertising on the media, the company makes considerable use of billboards, signage, sporting events and freezers with their logos for all sorts of events. In the United States, the company has used over twenty-two diverse slogans to advertise its products. However, the company has a few other different slogans in some other regions and countries. The words used by MacDonald's in advertising have proved to be effective over time. They have played a significant role in engaging all sorts of targeted customers regardless of their age or race. The words they use are attractive and pleasing and have been successful at getting the company millions of customers all over the world. In one of their advertisement they use the phrase, ‘I'm Lovin it' which the use to indicate a piece of advertising that is specifically striking. According to (Sternthal & Rucker, 2011) "propaganda is a way of persuasion”, which MacDonald's has used in their advertisement because it is an artistic expression, trying to pass a message to the customers. However, the company has had some setbacks such as lawsuits that involve the trademark they use. Many food companies around the world admire the work and quality of food production made by MacDonald's. For that, some of the companies try to imitate MacDonald's not only through producing the same food but also using their name and logo. For example, a Scottish café owner was once sued by MacDonald's for imitating their trademark even though they had been on business or decades (Botterill, MacRury & Richards, 2013). The company has also had other lawsuits that are something familiar to many international companies. /content/dam/McDonaldsUK/Promotions/Facebook-Share-Image.jpg However, despite all the setbacks MacDonald's never seems to lose its customers and the taste of the best of products on the market. MacDonald's came up with low-fat burgers, which are simply made for adults who consider losing weight. This is one efficient method a company can use to advertise their product. A while back the company used to target mostly adult consumers, and it ended up being a vague move for them. However, they have learned from their past failures and started focusing on all kinds of customers. Through the change in strategy and marketing, the company has eventually started having an increase in profits and sales all over the world. The company uses all strategies possible in terms of advertising and commercialization to make their customers happy. However, being an international company MacDonald's requires professional strategies to market and advertise their products if they want to be on the best on the market. The expansion of MacDonald's to the worldwide market is enough advertisement for the company since everyone will want to have a taste of food from one of the leading food chains in America. The company has also earned a symbol of globalization. However, there are debates regarding the company on topics concerning obesity, consumer responsibility and work ethics. MacDonald's r...
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