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Marketing assignment (Research Paper Sample)


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Marketing assignment
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Marketing assignment
Critical Success Factors
Boutique hospitality in Ireland is one of the areas in which business opportunities exist and thus the need for a marketing plan for a hotel in Dublin. The success factors emanate from the vision and mission statements of the hotel as the workers will aim towards them. The objectives as well s goals remain vital as their achievement reflects the success of the marketing plan. Among the goals should be ensuring guests of the Dublin hotel receive the highest quality and value of services. The success factors also emanate from the positioning of the boutique hotel, as it needs to be strategically placed in terms of closeness to public amenities and access of major public places. Among the goals should be to be the best hotel services provider in Ireland in terms of quality, price, efficiency and satisfaction of customers.
Size of Organization
The size of the hotel to be set up need to be reflected in its brand name as this s what sells or rather markets a new investor. The more the brand equity is known to the public and possible customers, then the more likely the achievement of the objectives as well as goals. For instance in this situation in Dublin, the name of the hotel need to be one known and well understood as this will increase its financial value. Security also needs to be adequate, and this is in proportion to the hotel size. Knowledge as well needs to be at the peak for purposes of increasing the hotel size and in relation to how the brand equity can be marketed and with regard to market shares and how profit margins of t e organisation, in this case the hotel in Dublin, can be doubled.
Values and Beliefs
The values and believes of the proposed new hotel would be enshrined in the mission statement. Apart from these being summed up to make the mission statement, it is necessary for the management to ensure that all the workers are working towards upholding the organizational believes and values. Some of these values that the proposed new business should struggle to uphold are zero tolerance to low quality services, working with passion, ensuring that all the workers make very informed decisions, ensuring that the best workers are either hired or retained by the proposed new business, and having positive minds in all the operations. With these values being instilled in all the workers, the delivery of services to the customers will seldom be overlooked – after all, it is the aim of the proposed new business to provide high value services to the customers.
Setting up a boutique business is usually very cost intensive. By the fact that they are high luxury hotels, they incur a lot of costs to set up. The luxurious facilities in these hotels are usually very expensive. Also, the employees working in this hotel will require high level of qualifications which often require high levels of compensation and high quality employee working conditions which are championed for by their very aggressive union known as the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union.
Ireland is one of the major high class tourist attraction centers thus the cost of hotels is not a major problem to these tourists. Also, the economic activities that are carried out in Ireland especially its capital, Dublin, are often welcoming to investors who often look for boutique hotels. Also, being the capital city of Ireland a country whose economic profile is on the rise, Dublin has a lot of economic potential. For these reasons, the economic situation of Dublin favors the business.
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