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Public Administration as an Academic Discipline (Research Paper Sample)


research paper: public administration


Public Administration
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Public Administration
Public administration is an academic discipline that deals with implementation of government rules, policies and preparation of civil servants to work in public service (Khan, 2008). According to Riccucci (2010), the nature of public administration has two popular views. First: the Integral view that consists of the total sum of all managerial, clerical, technical, and manual activities. Second: the managerial view that involves only the managerial activities.
The values of public administration include democracy, diversity, due process, and strategic planning (Kernagahn & International Institute of Administrative Sciences, 1997). Democracy involves the public participation in the government where each aspect of the policy remains open to scrutiny and criticism that leads to value creation in governance. Through voting, the citizens can participate and make choices on the type of leadership that creates value for the members and the society.
Diversity is an essential element in the creation of harmony in any given administration unit. Observing diversity leads to accountability, respect, efficiency and effectiveness, ethical behavior, and competency in the public administration (Bowman & Menzel, 1998). Due Process in public administration is a way to incorporate checks and balances on the powers of leaders. In other words, the bond binds all of the essential core values.
Strategic management is another significant factor that creates value in the public administration. It deals with the development of strategies and policy formulation that leads to the achievement of goals and objectives (Halachmi & Bouckaert, 2000). Strategic decisions often lead to a more inclusive and democratic outcome that creates value for diverse target groups.
There is a need for public administration that ought to disseminate values to the intended groups indiscriminately. Open leadership in both public and private sectors is vital to success, and thus the parties involved need to include the aspects that create value in their strategic planning process.
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