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Role of Human Resources Department in Upholding Corporate Social Responsibility (Research Paper Sample)


I was to discuss the role of human resources department in upholding corporate social responsibility


Role of Human Resources Department in Upholding Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is a term that has found a place use in the modern business world. It refers to any form of corporate self regulation mechanism that is incorporated into the business operations model aimed at satisfying a diverse group of stakeholders such as customers, employees, competitors, suppliers, government agencies, workers unions, taxpayers, environment, and the broader community. An organization that adopts an active corporate social responsibility model demonstrates its concern about the immediate society and the environment and this way it boosts its business image. Such an organization demonstrates that it acknowledges economic, social and environmental impact of its activities by ensuring that such practices are in line with the prevailing law, dominant social trends and ethical standards (Belal, 2008). Corporate social responsibility trends ensure a general welfare of the corporate self as well as that of all the involved stakeholders. It is important for an organization to recognize the importance of ensuring that its operations have minimal damage to the immediate natural environment and this is achievable through adherence to the prevailing anti-pollution laws. By doing so, the organization forges a pro-environmentalist image, a feature that is compatible with the prevailing social trends and norms since the health of the society and the environment is a priority for any well meaning member of the society.
Though there is a general misconception that corporate social responsibility practices negatively affects the company’s bottom line profitability, active involvement in corporate social responsibility practices have far reaching benefits to the society, environment and the company itself, in the short run and in the long run. Though, it is important to note that some of these benefits accrue indirectly to the company’s profitability and this makes it difficult for many people to recognize them. Among the top benefits of company’s active involvement of corporate social responsibility practices is creation of positive company image or brand. Company’s positive image translates to attraction of more customers and clients thus increasing business turnover rates and bottom line profitability in the long run (Habisch 2005). In most cases, suppliers, companies and customers tend to associate themselves with companies that have positive image and they support them through engaging in business with them. In addition, companies that have good corporate image tend to recruit and retain more qualified employees. The top creams of new and energetic graduates who have environmental and social consciousness in their hearts seek employment from employers who have demonstrated good corporate citizenship through active engagement in corporate social responsibility practices. Good corporate citizenship distances an organization from costly fines that may accrue due to non-adherence to the law and standards.
In any organization, human resources department can play important roles by ensuring sustainable development and success of corporate social responsibility agenda. To begin with, the human resources manager can draft and implement staffs code of ethics policies that it adheres to and reflect the organizations corporate social responsibility policies. This involves provision of clear guidelines and rules that document and protect the organizations corporate social responsibility agenda. In addition, the hiring or recruitment processes should favor pro-CSR individuals who have demonstrated commit...
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