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Research Report: Difficulties in Communication with Parents (Research Paper Sample)


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Problem: Difficulties in communication with parents
Who: Kingsview daycare supervisor
What: The parent fail to fill out her child screening form
Where:340 Dixon Road Toronto, Ontario
When: During the drop off child hour
Why: Fail to compile with the rules and regulation of the daycare
How: In the morning the parent want to drop the child without screening form filled


Research Report: Difficulties in Communication with Parents
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Research Report: Difficulties in Communication with Parents
Research Problem
Teachers, including daycare supervisors, strive to collaborate with parents to support children's learning. Robust communication is integral to this collaboration and establishing a sense of community between home and daycare (Graham-Clay, 2005). Instructors must continue to establish and expand their skills to maximise effective communication with parents. This research report focuses on Kingsview daycare by exploring opportunities the supervisor can exploit to improve communication with parents. Accordingly, parents fail to fill out children's screening forms during the drop-off child hour. Consequently, they fail to compile with the daycare’s rules and regulations. The problem extends to a level where the parent wants to drop the child off without filling out the screening form. The present study considers barriers to effective communication and potential solutions to the existing problem.
In learning institutions, including daycares, communication effectiveness between teachers and parents has great significance. Parent-teacher communication offers multifaceted benefits to all the parties involved. Nonetheless, multiple difficulties deter the achievement of adequate parent-teacher communication in school environments (Ozmen et al., 2016). The present parent-teacher interaction researches approach the issue from two perspectives. First, they cover teacher-parent associations and parents’ contributions to school communities. Second, they cover studies regarding parents’ support of students’ academic development. The parent-teacher relationship is key to ensuring that parents follow all the school guidelines and improving learning outcomes. However, effective communication between educators and parents is not always possible, with many obstacles on different levels that can adversely impact the communication process (Ozmen et al., 2016). A common complaint by teachers includes that parents fail to actively participate in their children’s schooling or follow school protocols, such as filing screening forms.
Numerous studies have explored communication between parents and teachers. An empirical study by Baker et al. (2016) found that parents and school staff agree on the existence of communication barriers and limited parent involvement. However, these studies offer contrasting solutions. Parent involvement could include them filling out screening forms after dropping them off. Teachers and school staffs' attitudes towards families are a possible barrier to high levels of participation. According to Baker et al. (2016), parents are more possible to be motivated to be involved when they are confident that they have some control and influence over their children’s learning. Thus, when school personnel displays positive attitudes toward families, they improve parents’ feelings of being welcome in school. Interactive communication is an essential feature of learning. According to Agai (2021), it relies on interaction and communication quality. Parents encompass a vital aspect in the upbringing and education of children. They have a multifaceted role, including directly monitoring and controlling children's work and development (Agai, 2021). However, they must follow the school rules and regulations.
Evaluation and Rationale
One of the possible solutions is providing opportunities for involvement. This solution can solve the difficulties because there is limited parent involvement in learning settings. Kingsview daycare supervisor should exploit existing opportunities, such as having weekend activities and improving communication with parents regarding the institution’s rules pertaining to filling screening forms after dropping off their children. According to Agai (2021), opportunities for family involvement are one of the critical barriers. The second solutions include improving communication. Effective communication would ensure the daycare provides information

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