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Gottman’s Theory on Married Couples and Relational Maintenance Theory (Research Paper Sample)


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Gottman’s and relational maintenance theories. Elaborate on the relationship between relational maintenance in the digital age and Gottman's research.


Gottman’s Theory on Married Couples and Relational Maintenance Theory
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Gottman’s Theory on Married Couples and Relational Maintenance Theory
Couples who get married through a wedding usually make promises to love, treat each other right and make their partners happy until death do them apart. However, usually, these promises end up unfilled. The latter results from stiff disagreements that emerge in the married life, and when the couple shows weakness in solving these marriage problems, they might end up paralyzing the marriage leading to a divorce. Gottman, an American psychological researcher and a clinician has extensively worked on developing divorce prediction and marital stability mechanisms. Gottman suggests possible measures that can make a married couple happy and succeed through the marriage life. He proposes that, during a disagreement, gentleness should be upheld to enhance a soft start-up in solving the fight as harshness will only deteriorate the condition. Gottman’s and relational maintenance theories are discussed in this paper.
Validating, Volatile and Conflict-avoiding Couples
Couples who are validators are observed to fight more politely. They seem calm during conflicts and behave in a collaborative way as they work through their troubles. They are observed to compromise more frequently and seek to work their troubles out consistently for mutually satisfying outcomes. These couples have mutual respect for each other that minimizes the levels of their arguments (Silver, 2016). Conflicts are observed to erupt among the volatile couples and they are fought on grand scale.

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