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The Destructive Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health and The Environment (Research Paper Sample)


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For this research paper, the topic is air pollution. Topic questions to answer/points to include in this research may include air pollution's destructive impact on health and the environment, the monitoring of it, and potential solutions to it. You do not have to follow these exactly, but I strongly recommend using these points for this paper. The focus of this research paper must be environmental; therefore, you are required to develop a solid list of environmental sources (The sources must be scholarly articles about this specific topic. You will need to find these scholarly articles yourself, and they must be appropriate for this research paper). You must use at least 4 scholarly sources/articles, if not more. The final paper will not contain a bibliography. Rather, it will have a references cited section, which, along with your footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical notes, will show how you used each source (with source page numbers). Include no sources in this section that you do not cite directly in the body of your text through footnotes or endnotes. This is not a journaling project or opinion paper; therefore, your research paper must be written in the third person. This is a traditional academic research paper having a title page with my name prominently exhibited along with a specific and descriiptive project title (not “Environmental Science Paper”), 6 pages in length, six full pages of text (12 pt. font, double-spaced, one-inch margins), plus a title page and references cited section, with full citations referencing footnotes or notes in the text (APA citations).
Since this is a research paper assignment and not an opinion essay, good term papers will have a note number or citation at the end of nearly every paragraph in the text of the document.


Air Pollution
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Air Pollution
Subjection to high magnitudes of air pollution can lead to various adverse health consequences. We are living in a world where air pollution is a significant concern. Air pollution affects the climate and impacts the community and individual well-being due to increased mortality and morbidity. Many pollutants are a source of diseases in humans. Some include particulate matter (PM), variable particles of tiny diameter that enter the respirational system, triggering respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, cancer, and central nervous and dysfunction of the reproductive system. Although ozone in the stratosphere protects against the ultraviolet energy, it is hazardous when there is an increased concentration at the ground level, impacting the circulatory and respiratory schemes. This research study aims to discuss the destructive effect of air pollution on human health and the environment, how it is monitored, and the potential solutions.
Air pollution is the contamination of the environment due to the existence of constituents in the air that cause harm to human health and other living creatures or cause harm to the environment. There are numerous diverse categories of air pollutants that include gases, particulates that can be both inorganic and organic, and biological particles. Gases include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, ammonia, carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons. Air pollution may be the root of allergies, illnesses, and even deaths.

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