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Mechanical engineering Engineering Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


It was a physics paper, pretty much hard but was able to come up with the paper.


Mechanics is a branch of physics; that deals with study of the motion of bodies , hence study of mechanics involves defining and predicting the states of rest or motion of particles and bodies subjected to influence of forces while biomechanics involves study of motion of living things using science of mechanics which involves analysis of movements and how such forces generate motion to living things.
Statics mainly deals with forces in equilibrium, is the branch of mechanics that is concerned with mathematical study of force and torque acting on physical systems that do not experience acceleration. Dynamics deals with force that causes motion of bodies, it’s a branch of applied mathematics concerned with study of forces and their effect on motion, as opposed to kinematics. Statics is mainly applied to determine is a structure will fail, used in design machines. Dynamics mainly applied in a case of a vibrating engine, the engine is held in a platform and is constantly subjected to vibration. It designs the workability of machines.

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