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Business Process Redesign (Research Paper Sample)


If you have you been involved with a company doing a redesign of business processes, discuss what went right during the redesign and what went wrong from your perspective. Additionally, provide a discussion on what could have been done better to minimize the risk of failure. If you have not yet been involved with a business process redesign, research a company that has recently completed one and discuss what went wrong, what went right, and how the company could have done a better job minimizing the risk of failure.


Business process redesign
Business process redesign is the process of rethinking and reengineering the way businesses will work well to achieve the company`s vision and decrease the cost of running the business. The area which a company considers to be redesigned is a modern technology which helps the company assessing the information and decision-making course. Business process redesign is the most important thing for many businesses to survive. Many companies have re-designed their business processes through significant success. In this business process redesign, some of the projects do not go as expected while others go according to the plan. The failure may be due to the company focusing mostly on the operational and implementation issues, leaving the strategic part.
The focus is based on the platform of expanding operative efficiency while most of the ideas presented in business process redesign are operational. The redesigning focus on the company`s business processes and the process that controls the way resources are used to generate goods and services that satisfies the customer or the market. Redesigning finds, examines, and reengineers a company`s main business processes with the agenda of improving its vital performance measures, such as the price, service speed and quality.
Redesign identifies that a company`s business processes should be splinted into several sub-processes and duties which are carried by various specialized useful areas within the company. Redesigning makes sure that the performance of the whole sub-process is optimized and results in several benefits but cannot produce improvement if the process is inefficient and outdated. So, redesigning focuses on reengineering the whole process so that the organization can achieve the highest benefits and the customers. The article will try to discuss some of the things that went right, what went wrong and the solutions in a bank.
Communication of change
Communication of change was successful. Too many companies change portrays moving out of their luxury zone and being exposed to many risks and ambiguity. All levels of the bank supported the implementation of any change(Khoshlafz & Hekmati 2016). The communication helped everybody to understand the need for change and the impact it will create on the bank and made people embrace the change and move out of their luxury model. The achievement of communication to the bank was, the reason for business process redesign to all workers, a better understanding of the business process redesign problems and solutions and every time communication of the advancement to all workers.
The customer forces
The customer forces were successful. Customer demand in the bank was determined by two factors, first is the business process redesign project which analysis the customer needs on goods and service and the capability of the bank to meet the customer's needs on the new goods and services which creates a competitive benefit over the competitors(Habib & Shah 2013). This project was able to bring the required change in the goods and services which are connected to customer anticipation and through this, the bank was able to gain the benefit of competitive aver other banks in that field. The project helped the bank to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in serving the customer by redesigning the workflow. When the customer is kept the bank offers innovative goods and services which result in long term financial viability.
Use of information technology infrastructure
This is the use of IT structure and tool. With the improvement in technology and IT, the paperwork was automated through the business process redesign project in the bank. For example, workers embraced the new technology and were able to transform from more in paper works to more in computer-based data where customers can use the likes of ATMs and mobile banking to withdraw money from the bank. Most of the banks are advised to embrace IT so that they can improve their services to the customer thus creating a good relationship that protects their customer from running to the other competitor in that field(Alghamdi et al., 2014). IT and project management are the main factors to make the work in the bank quicker and smoother.
Another problem was the way to change the created culture. The organization was ignoring the value of culture and not viewing the available management system and company`s culture. The process also creates a sense of not trusting each other, that is employee and the management. For example, in the bank, the employees know that at the end of the year they should be given incentiv

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