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Dementia (Research Paper Sample)

the research paper was about dementia conditions among the Bame (black, Asian and minority groups) this community is racialized and they tend not to receive proper medical care as other majority groups such as whites and red Indians. thematic quality analysis is done to prove the proposition and how this can be reduced. source..
Perceptions of dementia in the BAME community Name University Author note Perceptions of dementia in the BAME community 1 Introduction Dementia is a psychological condition involving progressive decline of cognitive skills. Clinically, the condition cannot be treated but only the causes of the condition are treated using various medications such as cholinesterase inhibitors to reduce judgment and memory, antidepressants, and antipsychotic medication (Salamon, 2020) hence calling the calling need for health care in these psychological problems. In the research done on the service provider in medical assistance concerning the black, Asian, and minority ethnics (BAME) community for the dementia condition. There exists diversity in the production of the service provider due to racism in the country. The research came with the raw primary data collected among the BAME community on the topic. The research study was done on 5 individuals through physical interviewing by asking those questions and recording their views in open-ended answer forms for analysis and conclusion. In this article, the review of the matter topic, analysis of the data collected, and several conclusions are drawn from it. The analysis is done using the thematic analysis technique. The thematic analysis technique is used to qualitatively analyze the research in deep responses directly from the interviewees. The responses from the research are coded using the inductive approach using theme generation from the content (Chawla et al., 2021). This technique, therefore, provides general inferences of a topic for later interpretation. The general themes derived from the texts are coded using a coding tool for their processing. This is done by giving several code numbers to each message. Coding is done by giving keywords that represent an idea. After coding, the several keywords are combined to create a full idea and labeled as themes (Chawla et al., 2021). The raw information is then written to explain the coded information. In the analysis, 5 step process is carried out that is; data familiarization, generating initial coding, themes creation, themes review, and report formulation (Chawla et al., 2021). 2 Methodology 1 Design Raw research was done on the experiences of the BAME community on dementia treatment. The research was qualitative research to get the opinions, behaviors, and attitudes towards the service provided to them in the cases of dementia. Focus groups were BAME members of age above 50 years who at one time had ever encountered the case or ever been the victim of the condition. The data collected was written and therefore in this article, the analysis of the data collected is done using thematic analysis to draw an effective plan to reduce the oppression felt by the BAME community about the treatment of dementia. 2 Data collection The data was directly derived from the secondary source provided. The secondary source was the direct quotes of the interviewee’s reactions to the topic of their view of the dementia treatment services. 3 Analysis An inductive data coding was done by reading through the interviews, setting themes, and coding the information. The coding was done manually to extract the themes in the quotes. Analysis was done in 5 major steps that are: * Data familiarization- this includes a thorough reading of the texts and building initial ideas. This was done by reading, reading, and conceptualizing the content of the quotes overall (Braun & Clarke, 2006). * Generating initial codes- is the collecting of ideas and coding them, small words and phrases are coded. Memos were written to represent the condensed information (Braun & Clarke, 2006). * Theme creating- according to the coded phrases and words, the themes are created. Codes are collected and then analyzed and categorized into major themes (Braun & Clarke, 2006). * Reviewing the themes- the set themes are double-checked with the coded information. The themes are reviewed and a secondary thematic map is developed that continues to validate the identified codes (Braun & Clarke, 2006). * Repot writing- the final analyzed information and examples related to the research problem. The report has the themes, codes, and some quoted statements showing the reaction of the interviewed members (Braun & Clarke, 2006). Thematic analysis is a good qualitative analysis tool with several advantages as below ("Advantages of Thematic Analysis for College Students", n.d.): * It allows for the analysis of text research data using several theories such as psychology which can never be quantified * It allows for the analysis of huge and lengthy text information with the use of thematic analysis. With the use of software that can analyze the themes based on the algorithm and machine learning ability, huge texts can be analyzed and themes derived in the least time possible hence saving time. * Allows for teamwork as a different members will allow analyzing the data their way. The different perspectives of individuals toward a subject will give the accurate analysis * Several themes are developed from the texts for diverse understanding. This allows the qualitative analysis of data * Allows both deductive and inductive approaches to be used. Based on whether the interviewee is affected or infected * Allows interpretation of themes supported by the data hence accuracy. The limitation of the thematic analysis is that its flexibility in developing themes leads to inconsistency and a lack of coherent analysis of the research data (Nowell et al., 2017). 4 Coding table Codes Notes support her seeking help The lady suffering from dementia should seek help in form of medication yes It is an approval of the memory loss among the old we forgetful, but you, and you find what you’ve forgotten, back again The old do not admit that they are forgetful but just normal memory loss doctor’s appointment A doctor’s appointment for the situation is essential to manage the situation doctor involved A doctor’s appointment for the situation is essential to manage the situation put extra care The old experiencing memory loss needs extra care to manage their situation immediate family The old experiencing memory loss needs care from the family members The doctor might say, suggest some things that you can do Doctors are important in the management of the condition by suggesting some ways to handle it difficulty in determining, at what stage, does one seek help Problems in reporting the dementia problem are difficulty in knowing the stage at which one should seek help depends on how frequently, the forgetfulness takes place Determining the level at which the condition should be reported is the frequency of the memory loss At what point, can, do you seek help? Problems in reporting the dementia problems difficulty in knowing the stage at which one should seek help if it frequently happens, then, you get a bit concerned Determining the level at which the condition should be reported is the frequency of the memory loss I think I would forget what I go to the doctors for Explaining the medical problem would be difficult for the patient shame really Memory loss and reporting of such cases is seen as the shame of the patient can talk to friends Memory loss manage damage by talking about the condition to friends get an appointment, with a GP Memory loss is managed by talking about the condition to GP The reaction The reaction of doctors when the case of memory loss is presented to them is just administering some drugs They’re the people, because you personally, might not even realize People around you should be the ones to realize the condition because you cannot realize your problem Accuse me of losing my memory. Reporting the condition will make people accuse the patient of memory loss They get defensive The patients of the condition do not admit the problem instead they defend themselves against their accusation difficult, to convince them The patients of the condition do not admit the problem instead they defend themselves against their accusation mad is the word you used Memory loss is treated as madness in some community locked in a room Some communities consider the remedy to memory loss to be isolating the infected in locked rooms see a doctor, if you think you have diabetes then if you have a memory problem People consider visiting a doctor when having other medical complications such as diabetes than visiting a doctor for dementia member of the family to accompany you, to give you support, when you approach the doctor Suggestions that when visiting the doctor, a patient should accompany a family member to help in explaining the condition talk to my GP Many patients will prefer talking to the GP to any other professional with the dementia problem your GP, which is the first point of contact Many patients will prefer talking to the GP to any other professional with a dementia problem. The GP will give further directions. go to the doctor Other patients consider visiting the doctor to report this problem family group Other people prefer sharing the condition with family group members friends Other people prefer sharing the condition with their friends Isolation is such an awful thing They shared that the issue of isolating patients as seen in some communities is an awful thing babysitting Patients with dementia need babysitting as the care don’t see the need, to go and seek medication Some patients don’t see the need for seeking medical assistance acceptable Some people take the condition as an acceptable normal condition in old age look after our elders ...
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