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The Monastery And Medieval Culture: Architecture, Prayer, Governance (Research Paper Sample)


Write about the monastery and medieval culture.

3. Monestary elements include architecture, prayer, conversion morum, governance, celibacy and the mirror of the society. Each of the element is significant as the prayer shows gratitude and compassion, architecture to show the art of designing buildings conversion morum to show the conversion of life. Monestary influence on medieval society led to introduction learning to eliminate illiteracy as well as preserving literature of the ancient time. The institution played the role of service to the people within it and those outside it. 4. In today’s education trivium has enabled students to study formal logic and arguments through oral debates and written essays. 5. Drama should be invented in worship today as it involves ones submitting himself or herself to certain prescribed actions with altitude. Drama also creates environment for people in worship places to display their acting skills before the audience. 6. Sexuality of men on women physiology has been described with passion like the fire of blazing mountains and men shift images like ship in a great storm. 7. According to Bingen there are four types of women the very heavy, moderately heavy, delicate and meagre. Her analysis were based on medieval thought which focused on the quality of blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile present in a person. 8. The story in everyman is speaking about Gods messenger who visits everyman to summon him. It uses the significance of death to show that every good deed will descend to the grave. 9. Everyman says he is not ready to make such a reckoning and he offers death a thousand pound to postpone death says that gold silver and riches is valueless to it. Everyman is granted 12 year of living a life free from sin. 10. The dramatic function of the doctor at the end of the play is to speak the moral of the play directly to the audience. 11. The song of Ronald signifies ways of understanding the hierarchy of the Middle Ages where we have a God at the top Charlemagne just below him and succeeding levels below the king. This hierarchy reveal that Christians have the upper hand as a result of fealty and allegiance to his will. Furthermore without this chain of command the whole system of Gods favor would also disintegrate. 12. Some Gothic architectural elements included the pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. Its accomplishment was that it became the most familiar architecture among the great cathedrals. A study of its architecture is often a study of cathedrals and churches. I can appreciate the architectural designs of the ancient times. 13. Some of the technological problems medieval artists encountered was how to move large pallets of stone from the quarry to the construction site. The problem of how to deliver stone from the ground to the higher levels. The problem of how to install lighting without collapsing the ceiling. 14. 15. 16. The journey that Dante must make is a battle against the sinners comprising of inferno, purgatory and finally the paradise. The reason as to why Dante must make that journey is to prove what Christians would have been taught on earth that their life and decisions they make have something to do with afterlife. 17. Virgil is Dante’s companion in hell. He can only guide Dante through hell and purgatory as he was a pagan and so he wasn’t allowed to enter heaven. 18. The story of Francesca and Paolo is that Dante sees th...
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