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Cybercrime: The Corrective Measures Of Protecting Our Computer (Research Paper Sample)


Write about cybercrime.

Cybercrime has been recently discovered to have evolved from the emerging technology due to the increased number of people getting access to the internet. The main target is always the computer and an accompanying network device. This happens unauthorized individuals or groups get access to your computer using either botnet a software network to automatically trace your crucial documents like financial statements, trick you to reveling your personal details and sometimes arras you sexually by posting phonography into your website. Definitely the main target is always the computer. Cybercrime can be avoided if we take the corrective measures of protecting our computer devises. Firstly one should ensure that his/her computer has a unique password which is complicated. Long passwords are usually the best where you include special characters of mixing uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers at the same time. In such cases hackers may find it difficult to break the password. Computers can be protected from cyber-attacks by installing latest antivirus programs and keep updating them regularly. One can also install specially designed firewalls to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic. This prevents unauthorized incoming and outgoing access hence preventing cyber-crime. Operating system of your computer should...
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