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The Kloppenborg Project Management Process (Research Paper Sample)


A research paper explaining the Kloppenborg Project Management Process


Kloppenborg Project Management Process
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               The projects temporarily endeavor with a restricted life cycle incorporated to generate unique service or product. This involves quality experts who usually deal with the current procedures required to comprehend the general uncertainties that render projects unsuccessful. The experts create opportunities that lead to the success of projects. Every stage of the project has been described at the beginning and the end of projects. The series of tasks help in improving the quality of products through proper management. This paper focuses on the important processes that are used to achieve success in organizational outcomes. Quality professionals play various roles and responsibilities in project development. As indicated earlier, this paper focuses on discussing the Kloppenborg project management process.
Kloppenborg Project Management Process
               The various processes associated with Kloppenborg involve the following: first, the project quality initiation stage where the project starts when the anticipated project is first determined and completed with the authorized signature. The rationale for this step is to define, align, and chose worthwhile projects to which individuals should commit themselves to work on. The individuals or employees should be devoted to project execution without incurring extra resources. The tasks that should be performed in the initiation stage should be based on the ethical culture, sound decisions, quality policy, determination of risks, and team functioning principles. The activities that should be carried out in the initiation stage involve determination, alignment, and selection.
               The identification in the initiation stage involves determining the worthwhile projects. Identification includes a comprehensive, continuing, and systematic method to frankly entertain the project potentialities by both internal and external stakeholders. The main part of the project identification involves comprehending customer needs (Kloppenborg, 2014). That is, it helps in designing the project to meet the expectations of its clients. Project alignment consists of supporting the project at both strategic and operational levels. Strategic alignment indicates that the possible project shall contribute to rival alternatives to the organizational goals and objectives. Some strategic alignment within an organization involves market leadership through services or product differentiation. Operational alignment occurs between the clients' needs and wants. Also, functional alignment indicates the trade-offs of  

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