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Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Treatment Research Paper


The instructions required one to describe the theories and applications of juvenile delinquency prevention and treatment programs together with examples and assessments of effectiveness.


Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Treatment
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Treatment
One of the things that have been witnessed lately is the fact that many young children disregard the authority of elders and do not accord them the much-needed respect while interacting with them. Some of these children often harass and bully weaker children under the pretense of normal. The teenagers also engage in wrongful acts regardless of the authority of their teachers or parents. Most of them cause havoc to their neighborhoods and do not consider other people when undertaking any actions. One of the scenes that can be recalled in 2010 is where one student referred to as Phoebe Prince decided to hang herself after she had enough bullying while in school (Sigel & Welsh, 2012). With as much as the perpetrators who pushed Phoebe were apprehended by the relevant authorities that did not bring back the young life that was prematurely cut short. Unfortunately, bullying is a common occurrence in most schools and the various stakeholders are not doing enough to avert it. The prevalence of this vice in our institutions of learning goes contrary to some of the inherent values of the schools which are to shape a young person to become a better person in the society and not a criminal. The government nonetheless has taken note of some of the vices that are being manifested by the young people and in a bid to curtail them; it has put up juvenile prevention and treatment programs. The sole purpose of these programs is to mitigate the number of teenagers who end up being delinquents in their adult life.
Prevention of delinquents is intended to ameliorate the lives of the juveniles whereas the goal of treatment is to deter the prevalence of criminals in the future. For the purpose of this paper, the youths refer to anyone who is below the age of 18 years. Delinquency nowadays is regardless of the gender due to the fact that the males and females alike perpetuate the vice. Treatment and the prevention are equally important and intertwined due to the fact that they both intend to mitigate the level of crimes among juveniles. This paper seeks to highlight the comparison and draw some contrasts between juvenile delinquency treatment and prevention. In doing so, the underlying principles and examples that describe the two processes will be adduced. The paper will also describe why the differences and similarities of both concepts are vital in any juvenile justice system.
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
One of the main reasons why juvenile delinquency programs are put in place is to ensure that the young people within the society are persuaded to refrain from engaging in vices that will taint their image within the society. Prevention of juvenile delinquency is necessary in order to ensure that the youths become more productive individuals within the society. Juvenile crimes often stagnate the economic growth of a given countr...
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