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The Huge Earthquake That Will Devastate The Pacific Northwest (Research Paper Sample)


Analysis of a scenario where the Pacific north west is hit by a tsunami


Earthquake that will devastate the PNW
Chain of events in the Des Moines area
Initially, there will be an earthquake that will take place in the area and last for more than four minutes. This earthquake will take place when the continental plate of North America falls back into the sea following pressure from the Juan de Fuca plate that has been sliding under it for centuries. The result will be that the earthquake will bring about considerably destruction because the ground will not only shift, but it will also cause considerable damage to the foundation of buildings. In addition, because of the general lack of safety guidelines when it comes to such an event, it is likely that the entire Des Moines area will be at risk of being destroyed due to the earthquake, with damage going into the billions. The potential liquefaction of the ground will have a disastrous effect on a considerable number of facilities i

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