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Political and economic Importance of China to the UAE (Research Paper Sample)


Political and economic Importance of China to the UAE
the assignment analyses the ways through which china is both economically and polity significant to UAE.


Political and economic Importance of China to the UAE
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Political and economic Importance of China to the UAE
China is one of the world’s economic powers. Bilateral engagement between China and any nation leads to both economic and political bond between the two nations. With its robust economy and diplomatic abilities, China can be of great importance to the growth of economy in the country in tie with it. Some of the benefits that can be realized in such relationships include improved infrastructure, diplomatic benefits, and cross-borders investments among many more. However, it (China) also gains a lot in terms of economic growth through international investments that contribute directly to its economic scale. This paper therefore, seeks to clearly explain the importance of China’s involvement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Being one of the global economic giants, there is need for a nation like China to make bilateral ties with other nations, especially developing nations to enable expansion of its economic power. According to Scobell & Nader, (2016), this could also mean China was reacting to the U.S. “rebalance” to Asia as stated by the Obama’s leadership in 2012. The Middle East has also become more important to China’s economy due to its strategic geographical position. However, Beijing’s interest to the UAE has little to do with the U.S. policy initiatives and much of its national security policies, (Scobell et al., 2016).

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