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The role of contagion in solving sovereign Debt Crisis Economics Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the paper required an analysis of three articles on the 2007 to 2008 global financial crisis and the european debt crisis. the first major requirement is a demonstration of what constitutes strong and weak economic research, that is, to evaluate the quality of the methods with any given policy positions in the articles. secondly, the task required an analysis of the role of contagion in solving the european sovereign debt crisis.
This sample paper examines the 2007 to 2008 European debt crisis and explores its impacts and the policy interventions implemented to quench the associated macro-economic problems. The paper evaluates the policies' successes and how the contagion effects of the sovereign debt crisis affected the functioning of financial markets across the european countries.


European Sovereign Debt Crisis
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European Sovereign Debt Crisis
The European community faced a trail of the economic and sovereign debt crisis from the 2007 to 2008 global financial crisis. Most countries had been experiencing healthy economies before the 2007 to 2008 debt crisis. Public debt had been reasonably growing, financial shortages were very little, and economic growth satisfactory. According to Yurt sever (2011), the financial crisis shook the European community and led to the global financial crisis. World output contracted by 0.6% and trade shrank by 11% by 2019, and the resultant global crisis (Yurtsever, 2011). (Fernandes et al., 2016) posited that most European countries instituted various economic policies and measures to solve the debt crisis driven macroeconomic problems such as recession and banking financial crisis. Among the policies were bailout packages meant to solve the banking financial crisis and revitalize the economies. (Yurtsever, 2011) noted that the European government and international institutions cooperated to restore confidence in the financial markets. Policymakers faced severe challenges in the implementation of interventionist policies and bailout strategies. According to (Yurtsever, 2011), bailout strategies failed to revitalize the economies from the financial crisis as markets failed to respond fully and immediately to the bailout strategies.

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