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McDougalls Mexico Experiences: Born to Run (Chapter 13-20) (Research Paper Sample)


"Born To Run" chapter 13~20 chapters

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"Born To Run" chapter 13~20 chapters
McDougall opens his argument about the humans evolving as distance runners by telling the story of his experiences in Mexico and all that he had learned in his journey. He does this by entering each chapter so that the reader will be transported back to a different time periods and different runner's story. It will take place at random, almost chaotically yet McDougall make sure that all of the stories tie together because they all focus on the same thing in his quest to understand the mysteries of the kitchen.
McDougall's Born to run chapters 13-20 details, in (Chapter 13) presents Joe Vigil and Emil Zátopek in (Chapter 15). Vigil is a University Professor and a famous running coach. At the end of his career, as he tries to find, moral and psychological factors make a good runner, after getting everything he could to physical factors. He is a good runner, who was a great person. McDougall, and the Vigil, make the argument that he was a good athlete, because he was a great person.
In (Chapter 17) McDougall returns to barrancas with Caballo and they both go for a run. McDougall gets his first lesson on the Caballo in the style of running. In the next chapter (chapter 18) are McDougall back in their lives. He is trying to find more info on the Caballo, but at this stage, it turns very difficult. In the end, he write an article about his experience and leave it here to believing that the competition Caballo wants to set up is nothing but a pipe-dream. Chapter 19 is associated with Scott Jurek, of our time, the best ultrarunner. He contacts McDougall, because he wants to know if the Caballo Blanco is reliable and not crazy to be unreliable. McDougall then writes this chapter; like Ann Trason, would be the rival for the Tarahumara in the upcoming race. Chapter 20, tell the story of a group of Americans, who meet near the border to reunite with the race. It also serves as a means to introduce travelers to the racers, especially to Jenn and Billy.
McDougall writes it in this way to symbolize his hectic transition to a man who can barely run at all to a marathon runner. The stories combine at the end of the book and represent his complete achievement as a runner. By bringing the reader back in time to the pages filled with pictures and personal experiences, the author has applied to pathos. McDougall also uses the circular fallacy on page 13 “Born To Run” that pertains to the pathos as well. "How come my leg hurts? Because running is bad for you. Why is running out bad for me? Because it makes your foot hurt."A lot of people can relate to this circular fallacy" in any of the 65 80% of all runners suffer an injury "(McDougall 170).
Throughout the Chapters of the “Born To Run,” McDougall applies the lo...
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