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Critical Thinking: Epidemic of Media Multitasking While Learning (Research Paper Sample)


answering some questions on critical thinking in an article


Epidemic Of Media Multitasking While Learning
The author seems to believe so much on the topic on media multitasking to be an epidemic, and the essence comes in well as the author is using most examples from intellectual findings that show how multitasking is a problem. Taking into considerations the results that were used in the article, it is evident enough to say that multitasking is an epidemic as many of the subjects who were put in the observation showed lower grades and poor performance in class. The author supports his point of view by using several research results like where students who participated in the study were told to watch a videotaped lecture during which, some of the students were sent eight texts, others four texts and others were not sent any text during the lesson. It was noted that those students who were more disturbed scored worst than those who were less disturbed. However, those who were disturbed and decided to wait until the end of the lecture to read the texts scored higher unlike those who read the text immediately. According to the results got here it is more evident that multitasking is an epidemic since one can't multitask on two tasks that need the same amount of concentration.
The research done by the author is well conducted. A good research always should not stand on one's opinion; our author uses valid results found from previous studies on the same topic. The author does not depend on his findings and opinion, and this is depicted from where the author tries to use studies of different vast researchers with valid results and case studies. For instance, we see the author trying to evaluate both findings of researches done on young kids, middle aged and the higher level education students. By the use of all the categories of students, it is logical to give a conclusion as we find that the young kids are not yet so much into media platforms we get that they are not much affected as the higher level education students who are so much into the media. The older students are much prone to using Facebook, sending texts, emailing and even tempted to use their devices almost half their time in class. However, the author's weakness also comes in when the author only concentrates on the findings that favor his point of view and opinion. The author uses examples of results that supports the topic that media multitasking is an epidemic and lower grades and performance. The author fails to look and analyze the results of the students who manage to multitask without any problem that affects their performance and GPA in class. A good research should always consist of both sides of one's opinion where the results are positive and n the other hand against the one's opinion.
According to what was learned in class, there are three kinds of people: vulgar believers who use platitudes and slogans to bully others that hold their point of view to agree with them according to their personal point of view. Sophisticated believers, these are skilled in using evidence and intellectual arguments to support their belief; and finally, critical believers who use their own believe and argue to the end and make conclusions and they are always ready to listen to others. The author of the article falls into the category of sophisticated believers where we can see the author using several valid findings and arguments from intellectuals who did studies on the same to support his point of view and opinion. The author wants his belief to be true and people to believe as he evidently only uses findings that favor his perspective point of view.
Regarding the current events and trends that emerge daily, the content of the article can be used to help in fixing some of the problems associated with the events. For example, in the article, most ...
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