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Psychology Basing on Media and Related Theories (Research Paper Sample)


The news media frequently reports on celebrities behaving abnormally on social media or in their personal lives. Celebrities should have a reason for acting this way, knowing that every move will make headlines, but they cannot help themselves. Their psychological state could be the root of the problem. Felicity Huffman, an actress, wanted to boost her oldest daughter's exam scores by cheating. Various theories have been used to explain.


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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc78841402 \h 2The Event PAGEREF _Toc78841403 \h 3Learning Theory PAGEREF _Toc78841404 \h 4Emotion Theory PAGEREF _Toc78841405 \h 5Personality disorder PAGEREF _Toc78841406 \h 6Social Psychological Behavior PAGEREF _Toc78841407 \h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc78841408 \h 7References PAGEREF _Toc78841409 \h 8
Psychology Basing on Media and Related Theories
The news media frequently reports on celebrities behaving abnormally on social media or in their personal lives. Celebrities should have a reason for acting this way, knowing that every move will make headlines, but they cannot help themselves. Their psychological state could be the root of the problem. Felicity Huffman, an actress, wanted to boost her oldest daughter's exam scores by cheating. He made contact with William Rick Singer, a life coach, and she was able to find her way through. According to BBC News, this incident was "jaw-dropping." This unethical method of obtaining a high exam score has stunned the public, attempting to obtain certificates from a prestigious university.
The Event
Felicity Huffman, actress, best known for her role in the TV show Desperate Housewives, was purported to call Rick Singer to guarantee her daughter a position in her college's test. Huffman replied to the news of choosing invigilators in her daughter's school in October 2017. The school was preparing to select an invigilator rather than appointing one who would assist Huffman's daughter in improving her grades. It is still uncertain when and how Felicity first contacted Singer, but their email conversation history reveals that they discussed that matter, and Singer offered to assist her. This type of event was tracked back to 2011 by the FBI. According to Baker (2019), the Felicity Huffman event came to light in 2019. Rick Singer runs the "Key" agency, which promises to help needy students get into their preferred school; there is a personal significance to utilizing the "side door."
Supposedly, he would often advise his customers to fabricate their children's learning problems by obtaining a forged medical certificate to get additional time in exams. This is most likely how Huffman got more time with her daughter. But they didn't stop there. Mark Riddell, the head of test preparation facilities in Florida, was selected by Singer (Baker, 2019). To take the exam in a hotel room, or to smuggle the paper to the students at the examination centres, or to inflate their results, Mark would be provided with a sample of the student's handwriting so that he could copy the answers accordingly. Mark had to utilize his wits, according to Andrew Lelling, because he didn't know the answers to the questions.
Learning Theory
The learning theory defines the impacts of several behaviors on their learning process and the possible result of their learning in the future (Farnsworth et al., 2016). How someone will see the world also depends on his learning. The learning method, environment, and how the learner processes it fall in the theory of learning. Four theories of learning are present; Behaviorism, the method of learning from the behaviors of the parents or teachers. There are predefined goals that are also measurable; Cognitivism, the idea of understanding the learning, if it is acquired, finding an answer becomes easy, so it is the vision for the right and the wrong. Lobo (2019) states constructivism uses social influence to build up new ideas and exchange them among the learners; and lastly. Connectivism establishes the connection between the members attached to the learning operation and access to constructivism. This mentioned incident can be defined by both the constructivism and connectivism theories of learning.
Felicity Huffman connected to Rick Singer to construct a pathway for her daughter to occupy a higher score in the university entrance exam. The plan was very well built and was showing the effect of constructivism. Since the world is changing rapidly without any break, this celebrity was desperate to use any means to keep up with the change. Having her social influence and financial strength, she could not bear to see her daughter not get into her desired university, which is also prestigious. Besides securing extra time for the exam, she also arranged for someone to fake the examinee (Baker, 2019). She used her connections very well. Rick Singer also had a great relationship; otherwise, he would not continue the scamming business for so long (2011-2019). The appointee, Mark Riddle, also had an excellent talent; without knowing the question, he could predict the answers and write them beforehand and secure the student a pretty high score. In the case of Felicity's daughter, the score jumped up to 400+ points. Using constructivism and connectivism with perfect measure, Huffman, Singer, and Riddell made almost a perfect plan.
Emotion Theory
According to psychology studies, emotion is illustrated as a composite phase of reactions and feelings that affects physiological changes as it influences conception and behavior. According to Kaji et al. (2019), emotionality is related to a degree of psychological occurrence, including personality, drives or motivation, and moods. According to the literature, there are three types of essential emotion theories: physiological and neurological, cognitive, and behavioral. Emotions, according to physiological theories, are caused by internal bodily reactions. Similarly, theories of neurological assert that brain activities contribute to emotional reactions (Casper, 2020). Furthermore, theories of the cognitive claim that views and other forms of mental functions were influential in developing various emotions.
Several emotional theories include the Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion, the Schachter-Singer Theory, and the James-Lange Emotion Theory. The James-Lange Emotion Theory, on the other hand, is applied to the feelings of actress Felicity Huffman. According to Livingston (2019), James-hypothesis Lange attempts to observe an external stimulus that results in physiological responses. An individual's responsive reactions are determined by how those bodily reactions are interpreted. The James-Lange method did not propose that physiological reactions first play the most crucial role in emotion. Actress Felicity Huffman's behavior of dominating and showing power to others is the concerned theory of emotion features the character and behavior of influencing that. Christopoulos and Yap (2019), this theory is the opposite of the usual common sense pattern of thinking regarding the cause and effect link between the observation of emotion and its manifestation. The behavior of Felicity is as well suited by the concerned theory of emotion that emphasizes an autonomic activity, behaviors, as actions that used to be induced with the help of emotional stimuli bring into being the feeling of emotion, and not the other pattern around.
Personality disorder
There are three personality disorders: borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissistic, histrionic personality disorder, and personality disorder (Ritzl et al., 2018). However, in the instance of the actress Felicity Huffman, who portrays the dominant and forceful nature of the public, she has a personality problem. According to Johnson, Leedom, and Muhtadie (2012), extensive research has indicated that they have externalizing and mania-prone illnesses and narcissistic characteristics associated with increasing dominant drive, actions, and behavior. Mania and narcissistic traits are also employed to create an appearance linked with exaggerated self-perceptions of power. Power begins with a monitoring prompt in the social environment, which comprises the opportunity and threats to the aim in the capacity and ability. These sorts of reminders gain perceptual significance as they progress through life.
Social Psychological Behavior
Some other person could influence this illegal behavior of Felicity Huffman due to social psychology. Because she is a celebrity actress, she thought of losing face if her daughter could not get into the college she hoped for. That's why she tried even the illegal means for the sake of her daughter. Usually, Felicity and her husband William H Macy would make a perfect couple and parent their children. They never made it to the negative headlines. The thought of "what will people think" forced Felicity to decide to scam in the examination. This phenomenon can be called "self and social identity "in social psychology (Prosser et al., 2020). People having this kind of psychological state think about their own and social identity and be anxious to keep their social status safe by any means. As stated by Hogg, Abrams, and Brewer (2017), sometimes they fail to recognize the dangers awaiting them from every step ahead and make great mistakes, just like Felicity did, which led to the excellent acknowledgement of her and her husband.
Suppose there was no pressure from her fans or other people who know him for her works and social media appearances. In that case, she might not have taken this decision to collaborate with Rick Singer and try to boost her daughter's score in the college entrance exam. Her identity as the star of Desperate Housewives became a source of laughing stock because the amount of the money she paid to the "Key Worldwide Foundation" of Rick Singer is just the same as the amount her character in that TV series had to pay the headmaster of a school while featuring an episode about the corruption of the education system. If she was no celebrity, just a general hous...

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