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Impacts Of Stereotypes On Women Perception Of Themselves And Men Perception Of Women (Research Paper Sample)


the defects of modern institutions

The defects of modern Institutions.
“The defect of our modern institutions is that they do not speak to the imagination”. Napoleon once said “Imagination rules the world”. Many people only know this part of the quote, but he actually went on to say “The defect of our modern institutions is that they do not speak to the imagination. By that alone can man be governed; without it he is but a brute.” Some may find that quite prescient today. Literally nothing can change or be invented or created that has not first been imagine before. Napoleon said that everything starts as a thought.
Validation of Napoleon’s Observation.
That is why it is so critical that children’s imagination and creativity is developed by all the adults they interact with; not just their parents and family but also, as Napoleon put it, the “modern institutions” such as schools. Quite unfortunate, just being “modern” is not always a good thing. “Modern” parenting, in practice, now all too often involves providing ones children with a whole host of devices and experiences, alongside “modern” schooling involving hours of screen based activity. Previously children have been left to their own devices a lot more; to read, to explore, and to get bored when left on their own, there is nothing quite like a bit of boredom to stimulate a child’s imagination. (Baumeister, 2009)
For instance, the role of reading a story is so much more complicated, and results so much more of the young brain, than just sitting in front of a video or interactive display. The process of reading words, taking them and, yes, imagining what is going on is so much more powerful and active than passively receiving fully formed images and sound from a screen. The great thing is that this is something anybody and everybody can help with. At its simplest you just need to encourage a child to read and carry out a lot research activities maybe start by reading to them, or with them, to get them going. As they gain in their know how. (J., 2010)
Impacts of stereotypes on Women perception of themselves and Men perception of Women.
A stereotype is a view or a characterization of a person or a group of persons based upon narrow and frequently incorrect assumptions. Most often stereotypes are used by those who cannot or will not take the time to notice what a person is really like. They are particularly common in media because they are easier to create. Audiences and media production personnel both respond to them.
The current television soap operas and the other common forms of entertainment perpetuates male stereotyping in two ways. Men in key positive character roles are portrayed majorly within a restricted range of male characters. Minimal manly characteristics are usually shown by supporting traits, as flaws in the personality of the central character or as a source of humor or difficulty. (G, 2012)
In watching television, we need to tune into how television treats male characters, how we relate to the characters, and how these characterizations influence our ideas about masculinity and the real men of all ages who star in our own lives. Do we watch men on television and feel unlike them and intimidated, or do we relate to them as real people, feel inspired and learn from them? The aware watcher can differentiate, and learn from, these reactions.
Current stereotypes in the modern institutions.
Stereotypes exist in all societies. How we perceive each other can be determined through oversimplified assumptions about people based on particular traits, such as race, sex, age, etc. They are based on socially constructed norms, practices and beliefs. They are often cultural, and religion-based and -fostered, and reflect underlying power relations. Stereotypes are not always inherently negative, but because they are assumptions that disregard a person's individual and inherent abilities, opportunities and environment, they tend to be prejudicial.
Negative stereotypes hinder peoples' ability to fulfill their potential by limiting choices and opportunities. They are at the root of overt and covert, direct and indirect, and recurrent gender discrimination, which adversely affects the de jure and de facto substantive equality that ...
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