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Same-Sex marriage (Research Paper Sample)


gay marriages


Same-Sex marriage
Same sex marriage involves the matrimonial union between people of the same sex. Although not fully supported by most religions around the world, debates on legalizing gay marriage have developed over the past few years. In 2012, the United States president Barack Obama was the first US president to support the legalization of gay marriage in the country. States such as California, Iowa, Maryland, New York and Washington have legalized it (Rimmerman, 2007). According to population statistics, 15.7 per cent of total American population is gay. Several jurisdictions have legalized gay marriage through court rulings and legislative action; however, nine stated do not allow it by statute, while thirty other states do not allow it in their country charter. The text below gives a report on the various opposing positions found in the public based on same-sex marriage. Two interviews explain the views of supporters and critics towards the subject. It involves two interviewees, a student and an accountant. A data review explains both sides of the debate and finally a conclusion containing recommendations of how to solve the situation.
Summary of the participants
Becky is a 23-year-old undergraduate at the University of California. She is a Jew, born and brought up in the state of California together with her two brothers. Becky’s older brother got married last year and is now living together with his gay partner. Her family, being a Jewish family, supports the marriage and sees no mistake.
Peter is a 35-year-old accountant who works in a firm in New York. Additionally, he is an African American, born and brought up in Boston. He comes from a Christian family and retains his faith. Like most people in the African American society, Peter strongly opposes the legalization of gay matrimony in the United States.
INTERVIEWER: Should the state legalize marriages between people of the same gender?
BECKY: Yes, gay people are like us with the only difference being that they like people of the same sex.
INTERVIEWER: Should all gay people be allowed all the rights, liberties and benefits guaranteed to heterosexual couples?
BECKY: Based on the human rights, everyone has the right to love and it does not matter who they love. They deserve to have children like other normal couples. Adoption programs should not prohibit gay couples from adopting children based on the reasoning that the children will lack a mother or father figure. Children with deceased fathers or mothers still survive.
INTERVIEWR: Why should the nation legally accept gay marriage?
BECKY: People have the right to express themselves. Prohibiting gay marriage at some angle violates certain sections of the constitution. Allowing gay marriage eliminates sexual discrimination and promotes equality. Loving someone intimately is not someone’s choice, but it is a part of life.
INTERVIEWER: Should the legislature legalize gay marriage?
PETER: No, the state should not legalize gay marriage for it is against the teachings of the bible. The country is built under God that is why we mention Him in the National Anthem. Therefore, the bible forms a foundation for all other laws and rules.
INTERVIEWER: Should gay people have the same rights, which heterosexual couples possess?
PETER: According to the bible, God created Adam and Eve and gave them the order to reproduce. God describes matrimony as unification between a man and woman. Giving gay people the right to live as normal couples stands against the word of God.
INTERVIEWER: Why should the state not legalize gay marriage?
PETER: First, it is not biological. Secondly, it is against the Laws of God making it a sin. Finally, it is a breach of the universal social and traditional beliefs.
From the interviews conducted, there seems to be a controversial debate about the justification of same gender marriage. The participants base their respective arguments on human rights and religion.
Data analysis
Two federal courts and several counties in the United States find the Defence of Marriage Act passed in 1996 as unconstitutionally wrong. What is the defence of Marriage Act? It is a federal law that restricts the benefits that a married couple enjoy after their marriage. The law passed by vote of the majority in the congress and was signed in by President Bill Clinton in September 21 1996 (Stone, 2013).
The act discriminates the values of human Rights. Movements supporting gay marriages began in the 1970s and have progressively and aggressively grown over the years. The year 1993 became the climax point for the gay rights movement, where the Hawaii High Court declared that prohibition of same-sex wedding as unconstitutional. In the current 21st century, more people come forward in support of marriage between homosexuals (Newton, 2010). In May 9 2012 President Barack Obama became the primary American sitting president to support the legalization of gay marriage. Under the Tenth Amendment of the American constitution, the District Court of Massachusetts challenged the defence of marriage act in the federal court. The defence team states that the prohibition act opposes the constitutional human rights. Some of the contemporary issues include Public employee fee, bankruptcy and immigration rights. It is wrong to deny an individual the right to employee fees or immigration permission based on their marriage status. The American population still believes that people have the freedom to marry people of their choice regardless of the gender.
On the other critics believe that marriage should be a unification between a man and a woman (Baker, 2010). According to many religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hindu, marriage and intimacy is between a gentleman and a lady. Most gay marriage opponents base their arguments on religion and cultural values. American courts have easily adopted the religious doctrine when dealing with gay and lesbian cases. The Republican Part said that federal judges should not force states to compromise with other forms of marriage if not the religious definition of marital union. Three members of the democratic congress introduced legislation to repeal DOMA called Respect for Marriage Act. Same gender matrimony is against the laws of the Bible. Moreover, many social values found in diverse communities prohibit marital union between people of the same gender. America constitutes a population with different cultural background. However, despite the diversified culture, most traditional values prohibit gay marriage. In the society, most parents disapprove gay marriage among their children. After the corroboration of gay marriage in California, critics set a charter amendment described as Proposition 8(prop 8...
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