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Homeland Security: Emergency Planning and Policy (Research Paper Sample)


Ways in which the state can respond to emergencies and the straties that can be used to assess the risk before they occur. The paper requires emergency planning requires a policy that facilitates the process. And it focuses on teh formation and implementation of teh policy which can facilitte the containmnet of the emergencies


Homeland Security
Student’s Name
I. Introduction
The eruption of volcanic is a critical emergency that can hardly be predicted. Such emergencies pose a great threat to the state government; therefore, without proper management, they can cause great damage and even the loss of life. Emergencies require proper panning, which can increase the response rate if it occurs. However, emergency planning requires a policy that facilitates the process. It has proven difficult to plan for emergencies because of the unavailability of a policy that provides guidelines that can be legally followed. Therefore, it requires a well-thought policy for the state to manage the emergencies positively.
This study is essential to the state and the citizens because it will provide them with the precautions and ways to prevent volcanic eruption accidents. It will increase the people's knowledge, and therefore they will have preventive measures to reduce the accidents resulting from emergence. The study is about managing emergencies positively, but this can be possible through the formation and implementation of emergency policy.
II. Issue
Over the past, hazards

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