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Mental Health Disparity in Asian-Indian Immigrant Community (Research Paper Sample)


Mental health disparity amoung the immigrants


Mental Health Disparity in Asian-Indian Immigrant Community
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Asian-Indians comprise one of the thriving minorities in the U.S. Currently, there are around three million Asian Indian migrants in the U.S. with various Asian Indian workers consisting of Punjabis, Gujaratis, Bengalis, and Tamils.
The facets trumped by immigration can be viewed as dangerous factors for mental health. Anxiety, trauma, and depression are viewed as a considerable medical predicament, commonly amongst Asian Indian women in the U.S. Asian Indian women are either hesitant to report mental distress, or they do not recognize indications as identified with mental health issues.
According to (Roberts, Mann & Montgomery, 2015), Immigration is full of testing issues when adjusting to another nation and culture. Restricted language expertise, trouble exploring educational institutions, seeking a job, acquiring the medical services, conforming to minority status, facing prejudice, and for AI emigrants—desires for a satisfactory life, causes danger for mental health.
(Mann, Roberts & Montgomery, 2017) says that the US immigrants' fast growing group is composed of Asian-Indians. Asian-Indians undergo anxiety, depression, and uneasiness. These feelings are particularly found among women.
(Karasz et al., 2016) mentions in their article that studies progressively show that South Asian (SA) emigrants are encountering elevated levels of mental health problems, which frequently go unaddressed. In the same way, SA's are vulnerable to mental misery because of immigration, consequent burden to assimilate in unfamiliar cultures, and other social determinants that significantly affect working and personal satisfaction.
The methodology is the methodical strategy employed to explain the research question, which incorporates examining the approaches, convictions, cases, and principles used formerly. The research methodology endeavors to report the reason, cause, methods, and data collection ways of this study. I have incorporated secondary data sources in the research study to build a convincing argument. The systematic approaches employed are qualitative approaches to present perceptive insight into the research problem. I have used articles, experiences, interviews, and opinions to conclude the research.
Research questions: Why is the Asian Indian immigration community facing mental health issues in the US? What is the cause of mental health disparity? How are the Asian Indian women affected by immigration? How their lives are susceptible to the disparity for both working and non-working women? Why older Asian Indians are satisfied and not facing anxiety and depression than the new ones?
Asian-Indians immigrants encounter various challenges in the US, such as anxiety trumped by cultural discrepancy, language barrier, immigration problems, monetary restraints, intergenerational stress, and discrimination. Stress, anxiety, and depression results in adverse mental health outcomes, including hardship, tension, and substance misuse, amongst Asian Indians in the U.S.
There is a definite connection between mental disparity, mental stability, and depression. Due to mental disparity, emigrants face various social issues such as poverty, unemployment, and discrimination. All these factors produce stress to such a high degree that it adversely affects mental health, ultimately causing depression.
One of the most critical reasons for mental stability and depression in south Asian immigrants incorporates acculturative stress, which is a direct result of mental disparity. This means aligning your culture with the host culture, when the south Asians refuse to comply it starts to take a toll on their mental health. It results in postpartum depression because they cannot completely incorporate western culture in their practices, as sometimes western practices are against their norms and values.
Asian Indian women experience unusual difficulties when moving to the U.S. Asian Indian women face discrimination, hatred, and discrepancy both within and beyond the Asian Indian people faction. The AI migrant women are inclined to social values conflict and high maternal control, which adds to the depression. Women are demanded to adjust their migration and their freedom of opportunity by keeping up with patriarchy, which is exhibited by their devotion to their obligations of home and spouse, accordingly, defending the family honor. The dread of social punishment, being denied by their families, or force whenever observed being inappropriate. It is considered AI women's obligation to guarantee cultural coherence and family stability, 

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