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Palaeoecology Social Sciences Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Key Debates in Palaeoecology
Type: Essay
Due Date: 16 Sep 20 12:00
Weight: 35%
2500 words
Task Description:
There are a number of debates in Palaeoecology that are related to the relative impacts of people on the environment or the role natural alterations/human impacts play in cultural development. You can choose from ONE of the three essay topics below that are related to these debates for you essay.
Climate or Culture is a key debate within the fields of palaeoecology/archaeonotany in terms of environmental impacts. Using an appropriate case study discuss this debate, particularly examining if there are important management implications related to your case study.
Compare and contrast the 'Out of Africa' and 'Multiregional' Human Evolution debates. In your answer you should discuss the role of environmental change in human evolution.
Why is an understanding of the past environments important for improving knowledge of future (anthropogenic) climate change?
Your essay should examine one of these debates and focus on how palaeoecological data has been used to examine these debates. Your essay needs to define the key sides in the debate, as well as any key terms and/or processes.
Reference: APA style & in-text citation


Palaeoecology and Climate Change
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Palaeoecology and Climate Change
Why is an Understanding of the Past Environments Important for Improving Knowledge of Future (anthropogenic) Climate Change?
We have a lot of research on future climate change and their relation to past environments and climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been at the forefront in the conduction of such useful research that has been considered by the Natural Environment Research Council, UK (Henderson & Wolf, 2009). In the study, the impact of expanding levels of CO2 on the past and predictions for the future are greatly factored. The predetermined warming and the rise in sea levels, especially for the 21st century, are also studied to contribute significantly to this research.
Through palaeoecology, researchers have identified tools that are essential in the regulation of uncertainties in the future. For instance, the reestablishment of climatic features in the past is affected by the application of both biological, physical, and chemical aspects that react to the environmental transitions. Such features indicate useful data on climatic variations. For example, they expose components like ice, and the terrestrial biosphere reacts to adjustments in timescales over an extended period. Consequently, this approach shows conduct in the climate structure that may not be brought out over a short-term period.

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