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Unit VIII Carcinogens Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research a carcinogen that can be classified as either an environmental or occupational toxicant that has had relevance in the news within the last five years.


Unit VIII Carcinogens
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The carcinogen I will incorporate in my news research is asbestos which is classified as an occupational toxicant. The type of news was relevant so that individuals can understand them as health hazards. The variety of carcinogens gets associated with significant health risks, and thus, many individuals can observe without being told. Breathing the asbestos fibers causes great harm to the lungs. Thus continued usage of it results in lung malfunction, which causes the death of an individual. It also causes cancer of the lungs which is classified as the most dangerous cancer among all others. The type of occupational carcinogens causes mesothelioma in human beings. The kind of carcinogen are resistant to heat and corrosion. There are growing cases of the effects of using asbestos products across the world.
The situation that brought the asbestos to newsworthy status
News test found that there was a great exposure of asbestos carcinogen in eyeshadow. The news that the scientific-analytical institute uncovered that reviewed that some of the makeup like eyeshadows contains asbestos-contaminated Talc, which is very dangerous the type of the products was available at eBay and Amazon stores. Its findings got reviewed due to the high growth of talc-based cosmetic products across the world. They noticed that many would be affected if individuals don't know as they utilize the toxic products. They found out that almost 50 % of the beauty products contained harmful products (Povtak, 2020). After the findings, they urged every individual who had purchased the products to ensure that they no longer use them as it has severe effects on their health. Moreover, they called the companies and the retailers to pull out those products from their stores and from their websites not to sell them to people. In most situations, individuals buy the products without knowing the profound effects it has on their health. Thus the researchers ensured that everyone who purchased the products no longer used them. The researchers realized that the products were marketed to women of different ages. Then most affected women were the middle-aged women as the age blanket gets exposed to other beauty products. Moreover, the type of age can purchase the products as most of the are employed.

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