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The Analysis Of Big Succeeded And Failed Virtual Organizations (Research Paper Sample)


sample is about virtual organization the task is to examine virtual organization, comparative analysis of at least four organizations that have succeeded or failed and measures their success or failure according to various factors established and reasonably supported by the literature

Virtual Organization Name Institution Class Course Name Professor Virtual Organization Virtual organization coordinates and concludes various ideas that can be applied in designing of computer structure and network which includes the ability of new technology to recreate both production and strategy that are non-useful. This paper investigates virtual organization, a comparative analysis of at least four organizations that have succeeded or failed and measures their success or failure according to various factors established and reasonably supported by the literature. Transformation of production and strategies due to upcoming technology excites those that are able to embrace it and can easily adapt to changes given the fact that there are no barriers but it does not go well with those that have been there but they have to be part of the upcoming market (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). The fear of losing out to those that are new in the field and the ability of upcoming technology to give rise to developments that are profitable pressurizes the old businesses to change to upcoming technology. The development of internet due to technology has made firms and old participants eager to know how to equip themselves so as to be able to compete with others, for instance, banking firms have to restructure their sector to fit in the market due to the development of internet home banking. It very difficult for firms to avoid the effects of technology which is visible and spreads rampantly to the various area this includes, the use of technology information in firms and research hence it is necessary to all businesses to embrace it so as to survive. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Businesses that are not based on technology are likely to fail when faced with competition from those that are equipped with the knowledge. The knowledgeable will use technology to take control of the entire market. This is seen through displacement of certain firms due to the emergence of new firms with updated products for example creation of products that are successful in hard disk firm brought about new leaders in the sector, for instance, Sega displacing Atari in games using electric energy. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Among organization that has succeeded through the adoption of upcoming technology includes Microsoft which has triumph over it late change to the internet by allocating the large percentage of its budget internet based programs and putting a lot of efforts in producing content that is digitalized. By doing away with chemicals trade and focusing on food ingredients based on agriculture and pharmaceuticals that takes a period of 20 years and requires a lot of capital to be injected in biotechnology based on agriculture, Monsanto has passed through difficult transformation thus proving difficult and raising questions about genetically modified foods even though in the long run they will benefit. The successful launching of an investment website by Charles Schwab that was initially an investment trade given the increased price of moving to business that pays fewer commissions. By providing information to customers on time, they realized recent revenues and profits on production. Despite the belief that memory was the pillar of Intel it managed to positively change from the memory trade of semiconductor to devout themselves to microprocessors. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Business is uncertain about the future development in technology. This can be managed by using detached results give an explanation of the future thus coming up with ways to deal with the situations. Some situation might seem quite difficult to predict due to the emergence of technology but the managers should come up with ways to uphold the new development in technology and enhancing through investment and analyzing and strategizing which must entail thorough studying of certain areas and identifying various factors so as to be able to study the unknown factors. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). There are factors working together with other technologies bringing about the full rate of technology growth and the need to be the first in the market as the internet puts pressure on time. Current activities in technology networking witnessed which include nanotechnology, biotech, and high-level materials are as a result of endpoint of research years in different fields that reaches large population. Gene splicing was a success and it took place in1973 and in1960 internet was first accepted. Growth in one area facilitates growth in other areas, for example, computer reinforces technical manipulation of chemistry and gene. Increasing technological rate is fueled by globalization, free-market trend, and deregulation. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004).The paradigm of destroying originality is not a current maximum phenomenon of technology. The old businesses were displaced when electric diesel using locomotion were considered over locomotion using steam as transistors were preferred over ballpoints fountain pen and tubes of vacuum thus the ability of managers to recognize that the sectors keep changing will contribute to their success or failure in business(Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). The manager is expected to control and manage any uncertain situation thus upcoming technology poses a threat to various assumptions that are brought about by lack of equilibrium and change rate that goes against the analyzed standard. Management should come up advanced ways of handling the upcoming issue by deriving high-level equipment that equals disrupting element. There exist non-similarity within the upcoming technology thus problems faced by biotechnology does not equal those of technical information, emphasis is laid on typical managing concept that can be used in a wide range of the upcoming technology. Managers should identify certain aspects of their businesses, technology, and firms. Given lack of surety and high changes of competition, destructor ignores previous orders applied by managers in emerging technology. Old concept and analyzed NPV are put aside most of the time by biotechnology and internet. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Chaos will emerge if managers do away with equipment and regulations and non-positive NPV will not make it possible for creating a decision. Cooperation with competitors will not create a conducive environment for competition. This affects organization managers that have not embraced technology thus causing unrest. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Managers should be able to understand the current concept so as to be able to control the various games in established technology. Separable games of upcoming technology have certain rules and structures which include strategy making, allocation of resources, exploring the market and adapting technology development. (Olleros, & MacDonald, 1988). Strategy making for emerging technologies is based on useful opportunity structure a use of borrowed capital to expand the business. It focuses on a more assembling approach due to upcoming technology that brings about thinking widely. In comparison, established technology re-operated by focusing on a various angle. For instance, in 1980s Microsoft was gradually following platform of UNIX, OS/2, and windows. This was not promising but later emerged to a major strategy to be adopted in established technology. Comparing this to organizing process that is linear, development of strategy portfolio by the use of wide thoughts and the plan to venture into various areas. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Allocation of resources involves injecting money into established technologies based on options than on the money flow discount. Analyzed means give it a value while analyzed tradition which accord non-certainty. Informal allocation attached to minimal assessed commitment in a given time span. (Gunther, & SCHOEMAKER, 2004). Exploring of the market which involves examining the market areas and trading with individuals equipped with knowledge of technology. Through this, the management can be able to know the product that the customers are interested in hence knowing what is required in the market by studying it. The use of an experiment by firms to get to know more about the market rather than assessing its capabilities. (Olleros, & MacDonald, 1988). Adaptation of technological development involves growth and research of upcoming technology which work separately. Comparing a formal procedure of stage gate of extending and improving technology that is emerging, use of strategy to research and minimal experimenting in various areas and checking various ways makes it easier for their usage in established technology. After venturing into the market the focuses on laying down requirements for projects that are large. (Olleros, & MacDonald, 1988). According to Wharton strategy, by getting to learn about the successful and those that have failed in the market the managers can understand what to focus on. Given the following examples on bio and information technology that shows how an understanding of various practiced can lead to success where John Sculley in 1992 CEO of computer declared with a great demonstration from the general publication of firms that the underboss for individual digital Newton will usher in current $3.5 trillion in information firms that are digital. (Day, & SCHOEMAKER, 2000). PalmPilot electronic product sold at a greater speed selling 1 million pieces in a period of one and a half year. Based on this examples manager learn that small organizations can triumph over bigger firms because the initial organization and thinking of businesses tend to inhibit development and inventiveness. Management should avoid entering into the market that is large at once thus they should test it first and strategize on when to enter which should be when the product is ready so as to avoid fa...
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