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Fine Line Organisation Face Using Video Technology (Research Paper Sample)



Fine line organizations face using video technology.
Surveillance was deception even before video cameras came on the use. It is worth noting that most of the organizations have got sophisticated video and camera surveillance systems that are used for tracking every activity taking place within the organization. Because companies are running and managing much of their technological resources that customers use, or at least the networks they use it on, there is a burden to keep themselves safe. Therefore organizations need to take more logistics for them to secure their privacy and security.
For proper security in every organization, video technology cameras, mounted in a place that makes it impossible to destroy with or disable but gives a good view of persons entering and leaving should be installed. Surveillance cameras can invigilate continuously, or they can use technology that detects the motion to take records when a person is moving about. These video technology cameras can be designed to send e-mail.CITATION Car10 \l 1033 (Olk, 2016)
A surveillance camera can be set up in a particular location throughout the organization and according to their performance, can remain obvious to people. Mountable video technology cameras can be set up in ceilings and on walls of the organizations. Particularly, most surveillance cameras, placed independently in various locations, can work together to capture video. CITATION Bet17 \l 1033 (Bethney, 2017)
In the process of monitoring the security of the organization, video surveillance system works ...
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