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Analysis of Sources Relating to Transformation of Technology (Research Paper Sample)


The task required me to choose three sources on transformation of technology and analyze the facts presented


Analysis of Sources Relating to Transformation of Technology
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Various studies and research have been conducted on the gradual technological transformation. Most of these research papers and texts do not bring out the exact situation of technology as it mostly bases on the positive side of it though some give the exact position. The purpose of this paper is to bridge the gap that has been created by the researchers' omissions and assumptions. Critical examination of technological change shows that what people often hear about technology may not be exactly what they experience. It is therefore necessary to bring out the exact position of transformation of technology. It may not be a conclusive article but it is reliable in terms of reference and relevant to the topic of study; evaluation of sources relating to transformation of technology. Discussions on technological advancement have offered contrasting perspectives which need to be analyzed critically. Different theories have a valid reason behind them.
Technological transformation is one of the very common topics that come up in most discussions. To begin with, it is important to know what the term transformation of technology means before finding out its need. Transformational technology is an intellectual change that occurs or is undertaken in the world of technology. Various opinions have been raised on the topic, of which some support transformation of technology while others have a conflicting perception on the same. Due to the variation in the opinions concerning the transformation of technology, there is need to analyze and evaluate all the opinions and come up with a conclusive point on the matter. Technology transformation is believed to be achievable only through intellectual transformation, with this believe there seems to be a problem because at some point individuals tend to be deliberately destructive thus becoming a challenge to the situation (Feenberg & Feenberg, 2002).
This book clearly shows what transformation of technology is all about and the negative as well as positive effects on the same. It is therefore a good sample to be used in regard to the background information of technology. In relation to a competing opinion or perspective relating to this topic, it is believed that technological advancement and transformation is not gradual as it has always been believed but slow (Levinthal, 1998). The choice of this source is based on the fact that the theories used to arrive at the conclusion are valid and proven. On the other hand, there are those sources that support transformation of technology in one way or another, both in terms of the importance, the intensity and the current situation. The source analyzed in regard to agreeing opinions is ‘Technological advancement in developed and developing countries' by Hunter & Tan (2010). This book clearly captures all the important aspects needed for the analysis thus the best choice of supporting document.
These sources are categorized into three that is the source that give more light on the topic, the one that presents a competing alternative and the one that offers support to the idea of technological transformation. Most people tend to think that technological advancement is inevitable just like change while others have different views on this. The primary sources clearly give a more accurate and relevant response in regard to technological advancement because they are not only first-hand but also the most current. Use of questionnaires gives the exact position of transformation at the time of study. The perspectives, both varied and supportive can be obtained fully from secondary sources as well as the primary sources. The analysis is therefore an attempt to analyze previous scholars' works and clarify on the validity of their opinions.
Materials and methods
The methods and materials that were used in the study vary but the most common are the primary methods of data collection. Questionnaires are used to get people's views that are relevant to the study. Usually, first-hand information is important especially when doing research on any topic of discussion. In this case, the objective is not necessarily to get information on the topic but to analyze different opinions. In this analysis and evaluation, the resources used were the selected texts which represent the various opinions by different authors and scholars. It involved going through the content of the book and critically analyzing the ideas presented and the validity of the information. The main resource used in this research is the expert analysis and judgment technique. Given the fact that the researcher had to critically examine the sources evaluate the content, the main technique used is his analytical skills as well as verdict.
Results / Findings
The analysis of the two texts clearly presents the conflicting opinions of different scholars, some agreeing with transformation while others arguing against it. In the first source, it is clear that technology has been undergoing constant change over the years. Many at times people find that the methods and tools that were used in the early days are completely different from what are used currently. Most of these changes are attributable to innovation and creativity which is a subset of technology. Transformation refers to changes of both methods as a result of intellectual involvement. These changes have had a very positive change to the society in terms of production and general development. These changes have enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of tools and equipment that are applied currently in most sectors of the economy. From this point of view, the advancement of technology is visible.
The rate of technology transformation is presented to be gradual and incremental in nature. The changes occurring tend to be taking place at a very high rate thus calling for strategies on the adoption. This is presented clearly and supported with the year difference between which the changes have occurred. Taking an example of one decade, the difference between technology uses is so different. So much has happened in a very short while and is a clear indication of the rate at which transformation is taking place. The most common application is computer technology. Use of computers is one of the main sectors that portray technological advancement. Not long ago, there was still a very minimal use of computers in but currently almost everything has been computerized. The nature of the computers used can also bring out the changes that have taken place. All these facts are presented in the book hence making it easy to identify all the changes.
The other author has a different perception of technological advancement. In this text, the arguments mostly conflict with transformation of technology. The first point that conflicts is the rate of advancement. The author claims that the idea of gradual technological advancement is a fallacy and can be challenged. According to him the rate at which technology is transforming is very slow. One argument on this is the fact that the application of technology and all the developments are only felt in some regions especially the developed countries but the other countries are still struggling with economic problems thus lagging behind. In the conclusions about the transformation, not all nations or countries are used. The very few that are used in arriving at the conclusion does not represent the entire population hence making it a theory but not practical. Critical examina...
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