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The Use of M&E System in Transforming Complex Organization and Its Future Development (Research Paper Sample)


The Use of Monitoring and Evaluation System in Transforming Complex Organizations and Its' role in Future Development.


The Use of M&E System in Transforming Complex Organization and Its Future Development
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The use of Monitoring and Evaluation system (M&E) in complex organizations is fundamental. M&E system refers to different activities to different individuals. Development organizations need to have systems that allow easy collection and analysis of data. In addition, the systems should also be able to allow for easy summary and use of the information obtained. The use of M&E system has provided a solution to these problems in many organizations. The International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs) fall under the category of complex organizations that have been transformed by the use of M&E system. The transformations that have occurred in the complex organizations that have adopted this system are several. These include the organization’s planning system, indicators, baseline information, tools, and participation. In addition, reporting and information discipline in organizations have also been transformed.
The use of M&E system has led into transformation in the organization planning system. This is it is an integral part of planning. This has been possible through the development of strictures that specify the way plans established at various levels. The frequencies of developing and re-examining plans have also been changed by M&E systems. Action aid an international NGO has been able to transform its planning system using M&E system. This has been through the establishment of a well-specified supporting system of annual budgets and plans.
Monitoring and evaluation systems have also transformed the indicators used by different organizations. Some organizations emphasize on the use of the real figure and use of words to indicate items. This has individuals being required to fill baseline columns and targeted information with each indicator. This has enabled the easy determination of the project state and target position. There have also been changes in the places where indicators are to be located. This has led to the definition of indicators at different levels such as mainstreaming and benefit levels. Indicators have been able to be defined both at higher levels and at lower levels. Higher levels include organizational and country levels. The M&E system has enabled integration of both levels this has made it possible for several data to be represented by a single indicator.
Base line information has also been also been achieved in many complex organizations through M&E systems. This has been done by two ways. The first way involves the treatment of the base line information collected as the least requirement. The second method involves the development of a procedure that can be used to gather information relating to baseline data. The second method enables summarization of information.
The use of monitoring and evaluation system in organizations has brought changes into the type of tools used in development bodies. These tools are used in data collection together with data analysis. The multi-indicator cluster system and the water point mapping are among the tools that have been developed. Water point mapping is used to keep track of people’s accessibility to water which keeps on changing. Some organizations have also adopted the use of participatory learning and action. This involves the use of M&E procedures to quantify progress in areas such as nutrition, water, health and sanitation.
Monitoring and evaluation systems have also brought change...
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