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marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges (Research Paper Sample)

marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges source..
Marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges PAGEREF _Toc417055672 \h 1Table of contents PAGEREF _Toc417055673 \h 2Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc417055674 \h 3Marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges PAGEREF _Toc417055675 \h 5Introduction PAGEREF _Toc417055676 \h 5Background Analysis PAGEREF _Toc417055677 \h 5Marketing Objectives PAGEREF _Toc417055678 \h 7The Customer PAGEREF _Toc417055679 \h 7Market Segmentation and Mass Marketing PAGEREF _Toc417055680 \h 8Benefits of Segmentation PAGEREF _Toc417055681 \h 9Disadvantages of Mass Marketing PAGEREF _Toc417055682 \h 11The Chosen Consumer Segment PAGEREF _Toc417055683 \h 12Marketing Mix PAGEREF _Toc417055684 \h 13Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc417055685 \h 15Reference List PAGEREF _Toc417055686 \h 17 Executive Summary Tourism is one of the leading economic activities that earn income and revenues to several countries worldwide. In Australia, Macedon Ranges, which lies in the outskirts of Melbourne, is an amazing tourism attraction that serves millions of tourists annually within and outside the region. Notably, the destination serves several domestic individuals and a few international tourists. By serving a large number of domestic tourists, the destination minimises instances of seasonality that affects several tourism destinations in the world. The location of Macedon Ranges that is close to Melbourne city facilitates convenience as tourists can easily access it. Apparently, it takes a few hours to reach the destination using modes of transport such as trains. In the destination, the attractions comprise manmade and natural. While forests, mountains, such as Everest, and rocks such as the hanging rock are natural, manmade attractions include food and beverages, wines, high-end accommodation facilities, artefacts, and theme parks. In tourism, customers fall in the category of those individuals, who have the willingness and ability to purchase tourism products. Essentially, tourism products comprise services such as sightseeing, mountaineering, food and beverages, and a number of recreational services such as spas. To reach out to the right set of consumers and deliver the best in the field of tourism, managers and planners in regions like Macedon Ranges need to devise smart marketing strategies. Mass marketing and market segmentation are among the strategies that managers and planners in tourism destinations can employ to reach out to the target customers. Conversely, mass type of marketing strategy has various disadvantages, which include delivery of substandard products, inability to match the ever-changing consumer trends, and consumer dissatisfaction. These disadvantages limit the application of the strategy and increase instances where managers of tourism destinations employ segmentation. Segmentation has focus and helps enhance the quality of products, which in turn lead to consumer satisfaction. Notably, the chosen consumer segment is the adult couples since they comprise the highest number of tourist visiting the destination and consume a wide range of its tourism products. Marketing Plans for Tourism Macedon Ranges Introduction Tourism is one of the major economic activities that have the ability to boost the economic standing of a certain destination. Smart managers and planners usually develop tourism products that are not only productive, but are also sustainable. In Macedon Ranges, tourism products range from manmade to natural God-given attractions. Some of the natural attractions include forests, rocks, and mountains. Conversely, manmade attractions comprise food and beverages (F&B), wines, gardens, theme parks, accommodation facilities, and artefacts. These attractions draw millions of tourists to the region annually and in turn earn the country and the destination with income used in boosting its economy. While some tourists come with the intention of recreation, others are adventurous and outgoing engaging in activities like cycling, rock climbing, and mountaineering. It is within this context that the study designs a marketing plan for tourism in Macedon ranges. Background Analysis Macedon Ranges is a spectacular tourism destination that lies in the outskirts of Melbourne in Australia. Its location facilitates convenient accessibility since an individual takes few hours from the city to reach the destination. Due to its good tourism attractions, which are spectacular, the region draws millions of tourists from various parts of the country and the world. In addition, because of the several tourism activities in the destination a large number of individuals in the region derive their employment either directly or indirectly. According to Voigt and Pforr (2013), the high population of about 40,000 people in the region implies that it has enough human resources, who can effectively meet the demands advanced by the high number of tourists visiting the destination. Remarkably, the destination does not suffer from peaks and lows or seasonal variations common in several tourism destinations in the world. The unique ability of the destination to maintain its demand all through the year occasions from the fact that majority of the tourists are domestic and are drawn from areas such as Melbourne, Loddon, and Mornington. Some of the major tourism attractions in the region include the natural attractions such as the hanging rock, forests, and mountains. Besides the natural attractions, the region is also famous for its amazing accommodation facilities, wines, food and beverages, and recreational activities. The implication of the wide spectrum of attractions available in the region means that the destination meets the needs of every tourist. For instance, young adventurous tourists, who adore adventure, can engage in activities like sightseeing, nature walks, and other forms of expeditions, while old tourists, who prefer relaxation, can rest at the spa resorts or in various accommodation facilities. Voigt and Pforr (2013) explain that the region provides visitors with a feeling of culture, art, and cuisine that is authentic and free from all kinds of commercialization. Therefore, Macedon Ranges is an amazing destination for tourists of all lifestyles and demographics. Fundamentally, Macedon Ranges is a destination that has several benefits for the residents within and outside the region. Hotels, food and beverage joints, as well as outlets that provide wines are enterprises that benefit from the tourists, who throng the destination annually. Employment in these outlets, accommodation facilities, and F&B joints is indirect since the individuals benefit indirectly from tourism. However, those individuals, who work either as tour guides, travel agents, or in other sectors directly related to tourism, enjoy direct employment from the activity. As a result, tourism in the ranges is an activity that planners and smart managers need to sustain and promote within not only the country, but also globally (Voigt & Pforr 2013). The benefits of tourism are very practical and important in the quest to advance and boost the living standards of individuals in and outside the destination. Marketing Objectives * Define the consumer and identify the different types of consumers in the field of tourism * Explain the differences between market segmentation and mass marketing * Describe the benefits of market segmentation * Explain the disadvantages of mass marketing * Discuss the significance of marketing mix in reaching out to the target consumers The Customer In marketing customers are individuals, who demonstrate the willingness and ability to purchase a particular product. The willingness and ability to purchase a product are factors that are paramount in defining a customer. Consequently, in tourism, those individuals, who have the interest to visit a particular tourism attraction and are able to visit and consume the products in the destination fall in the category of consumers. Sharp, Anderson and Bennett (2013) explain that customers vary in their tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. As such, managers and planners in the marketing arena need to be watchful so that they can align their operations and products in accordance to the diversities presented by these consumers. Principally, customer’s interest and ability to consume a variety of tourism products such as sightseeing, cycling, nature walks, as well as food and beverages make up the parameters that managers and scholars of marketing use in their classification. In tourism, customers vary in their preferences, in that, while others love leisure and recreation, others enjoy activities that are adventurous and thrilling. It is imperative to understand these diversities so that the destination tailors its products in a manner that meets the requirements of the particular tourists or consumers. For instance, in the case of Macedon Ranges, mountaineering, cycling, car racing, and bicycle rides are activities that suit the demands of adventurous tourists. On the other hand, spas, theme parks, and arts, which are less engaging, match the requirements of those tourists, who want to relax. In essence, identification of the right set of consumers is very instrumental as it enables managers in any tourism destination to prepare and design their products in tandem with consumer requirements. According to Hoffman and Bateson (2009), in a service industry, consumer satisfaction is paramount. When customers become satisfied with the products offered by a certain tourism destination, they market it through the ‘word of mouth’ to their friends relatives and. As a result, the destination receives an increased amount of tourists, a factor that boosts the economy of the region. Market Segmentation and Mass Marketing In marketing, segmentation is the process of classifying clients or customers using components ...
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