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Describe The Role of Language in Education in Pakistan (Research Paper Sample)


This task about the role language can play in the overall education of pakistan and what is the language demographics and distribution in the country


Role of Language in Education in Pakistan
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc509219855 \h 2Understanding the Population Trends in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219856 \h 4State of Literacy in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219857 \h 6Role of Language in Education Sector in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219859 \h 7How Urdu Shapes as a Language and Medium of Education in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219860 \h 9Role of English as a Language in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219861 \h 11Bringing Social Stability with the Better Language Policy PAGEREF _Toc509219862 \h 12How Language is used in the Education System in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219863 \h 13Language of Examination in Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219864 \h 15Marginalization of the Other Languages PAGEREF _Toc509219865 \h 17How Situation Can Be Improved In Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc509219866 \h 18Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc509219867 \h 19Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc509219868 \h 20Endnotes PAGEREF _Toc509219869 \h 22
Role of Language in Education in Pakistan
If one talks about the system of education in Pakistan, then it is an interesting case to say the least. There are about four to five educational systems that are running in the country. Due to the varying demographics, as well as the difference in the perception of what education is, all of these systems are surviving at the time. At one hand one gets to see the traditional SSC and FSC system that is used by the majority of the population, then there are students who are following the Cambridge education system. Along with these education systems, there is another education system that runs parallel and that is the Agha Khan Education System as well as the Madrasah education system. The key thing that has to be noted that all of these education systems are vastly different from one another and thus one does not gets to see considerable level of consistency when one talks about the education system of Pakistan. Thus it is one of the biggest problem that one gets to witness as far as the education system of Pakistan. The other thing that that has to be seen is the way implementation of the language is carried out in Pakistan. There is pressure within the society and the sentimental value that is attached with the Urdu due to which there is a conscious effort on the part of the government to make sure that the Urdu is made the medium of instruction across the educational institutes. At the same time, the regional languages are also trying to make sure that they are being integrated into the national educational system. What it is doing is that it is creating lot of confusion regards to the way direction that is needed to be taken with regards to the education and what is the system of education that is needed to be followed in Pakistan. There is parallel education system that is completely ignoring Urdu and regional languages and what it is doing is that it is creating problems regarding the way division in the society is witnessed in terms of the way language expertise is needed to be developed. The warning signs are clear and effort is needed to be made to make sure that the level of ambiguity with regards to the language of education in Pakistan is made clear to make sure that there is one direction that can be determined regarding the future course of education that is needed to be adopted at each level with regards to the education system. The other thing that is important is that how the diversity of language that is witnessed in Pakistan can be used for the long term advantage of people in order to make sure that not only the learning process is facilitated, but each of the participant that belongs to the society can work their way out as per their language expertise. During the course of this report, effort would be made to make e sure that some sort of help is there with regards to the policy development in Pakistan with regards to the language. At the same time, it would be seen that what are some of the broader strategies that can be used to make sure that the learning and development can be hastened in Pakistan and how language can be used as a tool that is going to facilitate the whole process rather than becoming a hindrance during it. The ideal thing that is needed to be done is that the policy development is needed to be carried out in the appropriate manner. The resource allocation is going to be the big part when it comes to the way different types of activities are going to be carried out. The report is also going to discuss the future outlook in terms of the way education policy is being made in Pakistan and how the classroom sessions and training needs are determined to ensure that linguistic and learning development can be carried out hand in hand for shaping the future of this nation in a better manner.[Zahid, Zohaib, Mamuna Ghani, and Ghulam Mujtaba Yasir. "Low and high English Language proficiency of the learners in Pakistan: A comparative study of two different education systems." International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research 4, no. 1 (2018): 18-23.] [Manan, Syed Abdul, Maya Khemlani David, and Francisco PerlasDumanig. "Language management: A snapshot of governmentality within the private schools in Quetta, Pakistan." Language policy 15, no. 1 (2016): 3-26.]
Understanding the Population Trends in Pakistan
One of the key things that are needed to be understood is to make sure that the large term population trends in Pakistan are kept in mind. The other thing that is needed to be looked at is that the disparity that exists between the literacy ratio of the male and female populations. The idea in Pakistan is that the overall value of allowing girls to study is much lower as compared to the boys due to the fact that even after educating themselves, girls would not be able to make sure that they would earn at the same level as compared to the boys. So this is one of the aspects that are needed to be kept in mind regarding the way gender disparity exists among genders in Pakistan. The other thing is that the way population is expanding in Pakistan, the problem for Pakistan is that about half of the population is at the school going age but they do not have the educational infrastructure at place to make sure that every children who is the part of the population is able to go to school,. The lower per capita income means that about 60 % of the population is living below the poverty line and they do not have the spare funds to accumulate for education when they have a hard time accumulating for necessities.[Ikram, Hamid. "The Effect of Teachers' Professional Development in Video Technology on Mathematics and the English Language Learning of Preschoolers in a Rural Primary School in Pakistan."ProQuest LLC (2016).]
The other major problem when one talk about Pakistan is the way diversity is witnessed in terms of the way income distribution is carried out. One look at the surface might suggest that Pakistan is developed country that is not the case in reality though as most of the times, the characteristics that one gets to see in Pakistan are not going to be unique for a country that is extremely poor. For instance, the public expenditure that goes towards the health sector is one of the lowest in the sub-continent region. The children that are born in this country face major problem such as malnutrition and about 75 % of the children who are born in Pakistan are underweight. Thus any analysis that is related to Pakistan must be carried out keeping in mind these facts and figures and the sort of impact that they are going to be having over the long term economy of the country to say the least.[Khan, Mohammad Afzal. "The status of early childhood education in Pakistan: Inside stories." Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (2018): 1463949118757049.]
Source Forbes
State of Literacy in Pakistan
The next thing that is needed to be looked at is that are some of the statistics that are related to education that one gets to see in Pakistan. Now this is where the problem can be understood in a better manner. The illiteracy rate is about 43 % of the total population which is about fifth highest in Asia and is among top 20 nations in the world with such abysmal numbers in terms of the way education problems are witnessed in the country. As discussed, this is another area where one gets to see considerable disparity among males and females of the population. The females that are born in country, about 60 % of them are illiterate which is twice as much as the ratio for the male population, thus female education is one of the biggest constraints that are witnessed in the country. Even if one talks about the school participation in the country, that is drastically low as only about 56 % of the girls are enrolled in school and this ratio for boys is about 73 % of the total population that is in the school going age. The biggest problem is that even if students are enrolled in the school, about 60 % of the students are able to make sure that they can survive the final year of the education.
Source The Hindu
Role of Language in Education Sector in Pakistan
That brings us to the central premises of this research paper and that regarding what are some of the issues that are faced by the educated people in Pakistan. The key thing that is needed to be kept in mind is that what sort of role language is playing when it comes to the propagation of the education. Whether it is making sure that it is allowing and facilitating the educational process, or whether it is actually becoming a source of hindrance for the people who are witnessed in the country. The biggest problem that one gets to see in the schools is the way education policy is being formulated in these countries. One of the major reasons that the educational and language policy is rather outdates is due to the fact that the langua...
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