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American History: Antebellum Periods (Research Paper Sample)


Hello, I’m looking for you to write an 8-10 page research paper about American history. The topic has a lot to write about so it shouldn’t be too hard. I can send you the paper requirements.
All of the questions listed are points that can be written about to make the paper easier to write
this paper examines the roles of slavery, race, and rights in American society during the early republics and antebellum periods.


American History
Antebellum entails a Latin word meaning before the war. In American society's history, antebellum periods entails the years before civil wars and after the Great War. The era was marked by the development of northern and southern economies into national and reform attributes. The issues that became controversial ensured the arrival of civil war experienced in history. After America had its independence, the British government acknowledged the fact, thereby starting lateral relations with them. When the war becomes an outdated plan, the country started to build itself. The economy becomes intense, with lots of dynamism, and the country had a lot in place for its citizens.[Ashworth, John. Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics in the Antebellum Republic: Volume 1, Commerce and Compromise, 1820-1850. Vol. 1. Cambridge University Press, 1995.]
During the colonial ages, the South and north sides had different economies. With time, each became specialized in reflecting differences within these regions—the North, with its ports focusing on industrialization. Immigrants fished in the country provided cheap labor for entrepreneurs. The south economy depended on agriculture. Cotton, as a plant, become the primary crop for southerners. Inventions like cotton gin and cheap slaves ensured the economy went forth.
Due to this disparity, politics heated in the country as politicians tried to serve their regions' needs. The issues of race, issues, and human rights started dominating minds. With the expansion westward, politicians argued the slavery dilemmas. Antebellum periods have thus marked increasing activism from American society.
The early republic in American history refers to the transition period 1780-1830. The post-independence plan in the new country expanded ideas of equity beyond its borders other than the imaginable postulation created before present America emerged from this era as it ended, and a new America formed from the visions of industrialization

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