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Women in the American West from 1890-1920 History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Go into details about the many different roles women had in the american west from 1890- 1920 . who are the notable women in frontier ?


Women in American West from 1890-1920
Title of the Course
Women in the American West from 1890-1920
In the current world, women are believed to not only be equal to men but also to possess similar rights to them, which was not often the case in the past. In the early 1890s to early 1920s, women had few career opportunities and legal rights as compared to their male counterparts. Besides, women also lacked similar roles to men as women do today since each gender had a fixed role in the society. Additionally, motherhood and wifehood were viewed as the most significant professions of women. As a result, women in the colonial period faced the harsh realities of housework, childbirth, taking care of their families, and serving their husbands mainly because this was what was required of them traditionally. The afore-mentioned traditional roles, therefore, constrained the colonial women to pursue their dreams both academically, professionally, and politically, as their defined societal roles made them the shadow of men. However, things begun taking a new turn among women in the American West from 1890-1920, and this is because as families moved to the West, the women’s roles expanded and they were allowed to not only get educated but also own property and get jobs while at the same time taking care of their households and families.[William Brands, Henry. The reckless decade: America in the 1890s. (University of Chicago Press, 2002). P.239] [Richard, White. It's your misfortune and none of my own: A new history of the American West. (University of Oklahoma Press, 2015). p167] [Richard J. Evans, The feminists: women's emancipation movements in Europe, America and Australasia 1840-1920. (Routledge, 2012). p.126]

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