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The Ministry of Biblical Counselling in the Local Church (Research Paper Sample)


Should parents have any RiGHt to control the lives of their children


The Ministry of Biblical Counselling in the Local Church
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Need for Counselling in the Local Church
Contemporary society has several issues that need to be addressed through counselling. Circumstances have rapidly evolved, and the ethical standards have shifted acutely. Many people are no longer sure of the principles that they need to uphold to remain fervent Christians. Local church counselling is one of the most potent avenues that can be used to shape ethics and morality. With the ensuing changes in the realms of sexuality, there is a need for explicit guidance that looks at the Biblical principles. Local church counselling draws from scriptural convictions of the counsellor. The method and approach adopted by each counsellor are unique but founded on the universal teachings of the Bible. From the biblical perspective, the mind, soul, and body are supposed to be integrated into the counselling sessions so that harmony can be exhibited. The entire process of counselling seeks to renew the mind. The approach that is utilized in counselling parallels that of psychotherapy that endeavours to change the cognitive processes. Through effective interactions, the clients are influenced to adopt a different perspective that can help them overcome their emotional and physical challenges. The Bible talks about temptations, and most of the problems that are faced by church members are interpreted as such. Despite the potency of the attractions, the Bible offers assurance that they can be overcome. This certainty to overcome forms the basis of the counselling in the local church.
Considering the dynamic moral standards that have been established in society, it has become a little challenging to understand the requisitions of Christianity. Most of the people, especially the youth, grapple with the difference between acceptable behaviour and morality. Due to the presence of an open gap in practice, the child has drawn their persuasions from the general provocations of the public. Reluctance at this stage would imply that the church loses its potency in the emphasis of morality. The Bible has outlined the specific recommendations that should be undertaken in solving the issues that Christians encounter. The lack of a formidable system of counselling in the local church has promoted the other avenues that draw their convictions from secular realms. Christianity is a virtue that needs to be nurtured based on the fundamental principles that were postulated by Jesus. In John 16:33, the Bible acknowledges the presence of trouble, yet people should cheer since Jesus has overcome the world. In 2 Timothy 3:16, the Bible states that the writings have been given to the readers as a means of instruction and reproof. For this reason, the Bible offers an appropriate exposition on how different aspects of life can be tackled.
Most local churches thrive on the premise of the pastors and the clergy that teach every service. The services are tailored to cover the holistic complaints of the worshippers with consideration of the individual needs. The fact that the Bible offers solace and advice that spans different problems does not mean preaching is viable to replace counselling. Christians need to have a precise application of biblical concepts to overcome their daily challenges. Death, illnesses, addictions, and sexuality are some of the common dilemmas that most Christians have to battle. Although the Bible offers similar examples of suffering, they provide divine interventions that the congregants cannot easily relate. The adaptation of counselling in the local church provides a platform through which the principles outlined in scripture can be applied in the contemporary issues that are faced by Christians. Considering that the culture in which the Bible was written is different from the current one, some of the portions cannot be applied directly. Exegesis and hermeneutics are among the most utilized principles to interpret the Bible and derive its application. These analytical principles offer a deeper understanding of the elements that are vital in counselling and the practical use of the Bible.
The dependence on sermons and seminars is not sufficient. Pastors and other members of the clergy are persuaded that they have the role of taking care of their congregants. Unfortunately, they are not adequately trained to offer these services. Therefore, most of the congregants feel neglected and rely on the courtesy of fellow Christians to brave the storms of life. The establishment of the office of a counsellor provides an avenue for exuding confidence in the church. As a means of outreach, the office can influence the community positively towards adopting the most practical elements in the Bible and sound ethical standards. Counselling bridges the assumption of a spiritual realm to embrace the prevailing circumstances among the Christian community. Holistic service is the endeavour of every church, and handling the welfare of the church members stretches the confines of the outreach services. Since Christians are devoted to the activities of the local church, their concerns should be addressed intricately.
The determination of the most critical issues that need to be addressed is based on the revelation of the problems that affect the congregants. Jesus Christ had several sessions of counselling with His followers that impacted on their faith and understanding of the biblical concepts. Christian counsellors need to adopt a Christ-centered approach that will ensure that various individuals, both believers, and unbelievers, are met at their points of need and guided on the principles of the Bible. The trigger for counselling stems from the understanding that humanity is bound to make mistakes and struggle with the adoption of the divine precepts. Romans 7:19 talks about the situation of failing to accomplish the good that we aspire but sticking to the odd traits that we endeavour to shun. Human weakness and feeble spirit cannot be addressed in the proxy. There is a need to embrace the different individuals, just like Jesus and influence them into salvation. The story of the woman who was caught in adultery as detailed in John chapter 8, reveals the power of personal time with the sinners. Despite having been a prostitute for a considerable amount of time, she transformed and exercised the teachings of Jesus. The mob that was also caught in the mess of sin were impatient to listen to her plight. They were thirsty for her blood without stopping to evaluate the underlying reasons for the crime she committed. Christ is interested in the adoption of a similar framework that will ensure all men can confidently approach the church for help and not condemnation.
Counselling Needs for the African American Community
The African American churches have special needs that must be evaluated in the quest to establish counselling services. Stigma is one of the most prominent obstacles that has led to the disintegration of the counselling system. In these local churches, seeking counselling services is deemed as a lack of faith and profound spirituality. Those who need counselling do not have a loving relationship with Jesus, who can solve their problems. Jeremiah 17:5 talks about the curse that is mounted on the man that trusts his contemporary. The Bible goes ahead to state that these people have taken their hearts from the Lord. With this basis, the barrier to seek help from the pastors has become significantly limited. Apart from the reluctance of the church members to seek advice, the local church pastors have also failed to train in this aspect. The ministers are committed to preaching the word and leaving their application to the individual members who are supposed to work out salvation. Through faith, the local churches have been persuaded that everything is possible. Romans 10:13 states that whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. In this regard, salvation is viewed as a personal decision, and all cares should be taken to God who can protect to the uttermost and not man. The congregants have been furnished with several portions of scripture that advocate for the individual solution of problems. Prayers and intricate bible study are emphasized as the principal measures that can help sort any lingering issues and grant victory over all forms of temptations.
Nevertheless, the conservative views have been shed following the emergence of a liberal generation that understands the role of the church differently. The church is regarded as an avenue for spiritual growth and excellent shaping. Psalms 84:2 outlines the longing that Christians should have for the house of the Lord because it is a place of refuge. The worshippers in the olden days would derive aid from the synagogues. They would consult with the priests who consistently served in the temples and would be advised on how to seek God and go about their various endeavours. The story of Hannah documented in the book of 1 Samuel portrays the priests as counsellors who gave advice and encouragement to those who went to worship. The local church is not different. Although Christians have an individual role that they can play, the need for counselling s...

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