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Gender Equality In The Workplace Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)




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Gender Equality in the Workplace
Equality between the sexes is a human right. It implies that men and women have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment. Equality between the sexes in work allows a society to reach its full potential to become resourceful and more productive. Equality in the workplace is achieved when people share same resources, rewards, and opportunities regardless of gender. Equality is an issue of importance internationally. Gender bias and lack of flexibility in the workplaces, and inequity in pay hinder most women from fulfilling their careers, due to social limitations. There is evidence of discrimination and gender inequality in the work places1. The paper, therefore, focuses on gender equality in the workplace and achieve it.
Back in the 1970s, only 2 percent of women were executives. Today, 52% women comprise of the middle management. Great strides have been made regarding women in the workplace. The gap between women and men's salaries has also decreased. In the recent decades, many countries, including Australia have made significant progress towards gender equality, particularly in health, education and workforce participation. However, in Australia, the workforce is still prevalent, where women still earn less than men and are less likely to progress their careers compared to men. Contrary, men have less access to family-friendly policies such as flexible schedules than women and parental leaves.
Women are less likely to be promoted2 over a man in the same job. There is a symbolic barrier in the corporate ladder where women are barely allowed to pass. It is referred to as the Glass Ceiling. Some of the excuses made to women are such as they may get pregnant and leave work to cater for their families. Companies see pregnant workers as a liability.
Gender inequality has consequences, especially in employment. Gender discrimination leads to increased employee turnover, thus creating a hostile work environment. It also promotes harassment and possible violence in the workplace.
1 Barreto, Manuela da Costa, Michelle K Ryan, and Michael T Schmitt. 2009. The Glass Ceiling In The 21St Century. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
2 Williams, Christine and Kirsten Dellinger. 2010. Gender And Sexuality In The Workplace. Bradford: Emerald Group Publishing.
The aim for gender equality in the workplace is to achieve equal outcomes for both males and females and not results that are same for all. The following is required to obtain equal outcomes; Firstly, the workplaces should provide equal pay for work for women and men, or comparable value. Secondly, women should be allowed full or equal participation in the workforce. Also, both genders should have access to all industries and occupation, including leadership roles. Lastly, the elimination of discrimination based on gender, particularly in relation to family responsibilities.
Achieving gender equality is important for workplaces. It is linked to country’s overall economic performance. Workplace gender equality is associated with the following qualities; enhanced ability to attract talent and retain employees increased organiza...
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