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Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy (Research Paper Sample)


please, complete the following task:
I have to do research paper and the topic is "Choose a specific object or technology and research its history, production, manufacture. Then, using your research, advance an argument that explains how the history or production of the object reveals insights about some larger social, political, scientific, historical, economic phenomenon".
I already chose renewable energy tools (e.g., solar panels and wind turbines) for the object. My research question is "Are there economic benefits to our society from renewable energy tools?". My professor commented that need a bit more specificity on the research question— choose a larger phenomenon. I think the question should be narrow and open-ended instead of too broad and close ended.
Here is the assignment for the task.
Your final draft will be at least 2500 words.
At minimum, your research paper should (attempt to) do the following:
1. Introduce and give context for your research topic.
2. Describe the research you did.
3. Give a roadmap of your argument or angle.
- 12pt font, double-spaced,
- 1" margins (top, bottom, left, right),
- all citations should be properly formatted per the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, full note format, and
- a works cited page should be included at the end.
Below are the rubric:
Background and context:
Gives a description of the background, context, and motivation for the research paper. Provides details on the current state of the field.
Research and Synthesis:
Demonstrates a sufficient breadth and depth of research, including a variety of sources (articles and books) from scholarly sources. Shows comprehension of the research done and demonstrates ability to synthesize information in the form of summary or narrative-building.
Argument and Evidence:
Provides a clear and practical explanation of the aims of the argument of the paper, as well as how the argument will be pursued. Deploys evidence in appropriate places to appropriate effect. Integrates quotations smoothly.
Formatting and Style:
Follows formatting and style guidelines. Citations are in correct Chicago format.
The file that says "UWP 001 Annotated Bibliography" is a list of sources (a bibliography) where each source is accompanied by some writing of my own (annotations) that summarizes the source's arguments and provides an evaluation of its utility to your own project. However, I got the feedback from the professor that says "Make sure your second paragraph explains clearly how you plan to use each source— some of your paragraphs just continue summarizing the source. And remember that the sources should be alphabetized as well (Saavedra is in the wrong place). Overall well done."
For the second attach file that says "Research paper Example" is the example of how the paper should be. It shows the structure and kind of give the sense of writing down.
Again, the format should be Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition and label the sources alphabetized as well.


Student’s Name
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Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy
The use of fossil sources for energy has emerged as a hot topic because of the issue of sustainable energy debates regarding the domestic electricity industry and the emergence of renewable energy. Renewable energy is produced from wind, tidal, solar, hydroelectric, and biomass sources of energy that are not from nuclear fuels and fossil. Supporters of renewable energy claim that an alternative method will facilitate for more sustainable use of energy, assist in supporting future growth, create energy independence, avoid spikes and consequently help in mitigating the progress of global warming. Renewable energy has cost flexibility that surpasses those that can be experienced using fossil energy sources. Scheer argues that while fossil and nuclear energy contain one benefit/cost ratio, renewable energy sources can open new economic possibilities. For instance, solar panels can be used as cladding in the construction of buildings and agricultural waste as an energy source, among others. Therefore, the economic benefits that renewable sources provide have not been maximized.[Christopher E. Moorman, Steven M. Grodsky, and Susan Rupp. Renewable energy and wildlife conservation. JHU Press, 2019. P.1.] [Hermann Scheer. The solar economy: Renewable energy for a sustainable global future. Routledge, 2013. P.234.]
Even though there are well-documented benefits associated with the use of renewable energy, the likely major costs associated with the technologies include fixed costs, and costs inequality leads to debates regarding the economic benefits to the society. For renewable energy to be beneficial, it must address the current cheap, tested, and reliable approaches used in generating power. Areas such as solar energy have progressed substantially in a short period. The use of solar energy started in 1980, and from 2010 to 2017, there was significant growth observed. Thus, there have been numerous positives that have been observed in the development of the nation because getting energy from traditional sources has become expensive. Renewable energy has the potential to make the country economically strong with minimal or no side effects. The argument uses peer-reviewed scholarly articles and books that discuss the economic benefits and challenges faced in the integration of renewable energy. While providing arguments regarding the economic benefits associated with the use of solar and wind energy, the discussions focus on installation costs of solar energy, recyclability of solar panels, location challenges, policy supports for renewable energy, and challenges facing renewable energy[Eva Matthew. "PV recycling: Where do all the panels go?." ReNew: Technology for a Sustainable Future 142 (2018): 50-53.]
Installation Costs of Solar Energy
One of the challenges that can affect the economic benefits

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