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Impact of Accounting Software in Business Finance, SPSS Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task required to do a research on the topic: Impact of Accounting Software in Business


“Impact of Accounting Software in Business”
Accounting software involves technology resources that make the collected data intact and accurate. In this way, the chance of being misinformed is lessened. This study mainly evaluates the impact of accounting software, which are used businesses in different operations. In addition, the study also focuses on evaluating the significance of the software’s in terms of effectiveness and efficiency on business performance. The study has three objectives that are used to review literature related to the area of study. The rationale for this study is that many businesses are impacted by the accounting software with various relevant factors to consider in the process. The study will employ a survey with the aim of obtaining pure data from different business organizations.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u CHAPTER ONE PAGEREF _Toc19881585 \h 41. Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc19881586 \h 41. 1 Research problem, research questions and objectives PAGEREF _Toc19881587 \h 61.1.1 Research problem PAGEREF _Toc19881588 \h 61.1.2 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc19881589 \h 71.1.3 Research Objectives PAGEREF _Toc19881590 \h 8CHAPTER TWO PAGEREF _Toc19881591 \h 92. Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc19881592 \h 92.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc19881593 \h 92.2 The efficiency of the accounting software on handling the business performance PAGEREF _Toc19881594 \h 92.3 Accounting software reliability on handling the business performance PAGEREF _Toc19881595 \h 112.5.1 Contingency Theory PAGEREF _Toc19881596 \h 132.6 Other related studies PAGEREF _Toc19881597 \h 142.7 Summary of the literature review PAGEREF _Toc19881598 \h 15CHAPTER THREE PAGEREF _Toc19881599 \h 173. Methodology PAGEREF _Toc19881600 \h 173.1 Research Design PAGEREF _Toc19881601 \h 173.2 Research approach PAGEREF _Toc19881602 \h 183.3 Data Collection methods PAGEREF _Toc19881603 \h 183.4 Sampling PAGEREF _Toc19881604 \h 193.5 Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc19881605 \h 193.6 Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc19881606 \h 19References PAGEREF _Toc19881607 \h 20
1. Background of the study
The shift of many businesses to the use of “accounting software” continues, and this is taking accounting to new levels. Presentation, recording and analysis of accounting data is taking root in many organizations as they attempt to remain viable in the ever-evolving accounting world. Another significant change in the accounting world is the impact of “Generation Y”, who has grown up with technology and the rapid changes it brings significant change in the accounting world is the impact of “Generation Y” (Boulianne, 2014). In entire world, this generation has begun setting up businesses thanks to the many financial institutions willing to supply them with capital. This move has resulted in a rapid rise in the business. Since they are individuals who have grown up with technology this means that they have vastly different expectations than those of us who are not from the other generation. This is especially true in accounting for their businesses; they expect things to be paperless and less tedious as accounting has always been done in the past.
According to Hanhal, Tserkovniuk, Mandruk & Glavatskuy (2018), the term accounting software is viewed to have increasing effects on the enterprises, occupying model fields and management analysis. Economic information contains news from different fields and information as found in any other system. In most cases, this information is derived from the economic database. Resources are relatively scarce and limited and so management in most cases finds itself confronted with the decision-making problem. In this regard, good accounting information should be accessible to offer suitable and precise decision-making that could lead to maximization of profitability of an organization and utilization of scarce resource optimally.
Accounting is normally viewed as the language used in all businesses. In simple terms, it is a tool used by business enterprises to record, report, evaluating economic events & transactions that normally affect its operations. Accounting takes the role of processing all financial performance documents from payroll, cost, capital expenditure and all other obligations of owner’s equity and sales revenue (Hanhal, Tserkovniuk, Mandruk & Glavatskuy, 2018). Information is provided from accounting about how a business relates to the internal and external users, including, investors, managers, and others. One of the most important features that saturate organizations is management decision and it shows its failure or progress in achieving already set goals and objectives.

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