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An Insight into How Tesco’s Actions Impact Their External Environment (Research Paper Sample)


This specific task was about comparison. it was organizational based due to which i selected tesco company. 2021 sustainability report of the company was used for evaluating the activities and achievements they have made related to sustainability and then actual research was made to know how honestly the organization communicated about its sustainability achievements. tabular form was used for highlighting the facts of both sides there were many areas in which reality was far different from what the company was communicating to its consumers and external stakeholders through official sustainability report.


Tesco Shadow Account
An Insight into How Tesco’s Actions Impact Their External Environment
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In the recent years the role in which the organizations play for taking the responsibility of their environmental and social impact has become quite important. This is mainly because expectations of stakeholders have increased from the organizations. Legitimacy of the organization regarding disclosing of information related to these issues can be questioned about whether they actually care about reducing the damage of their impact or profit is the ulterior motive because such reporting is linked to corporate image. This specific report has analyzed the 2021 sustainability report of Tesco alongside critiquing on discrepancies as well as on the information they missed out-forming a shadow report.
External sources have been widely used in the report especially news and media articles for filling the gap and building a more accurate picture of truth of the organization. Results of the comparison highlighted that Tesco disclosed their initiatives in light of becoming fully sustainable while the external sources exhibited the events and scandals in which organization failed to meet its established goals and ultimately showing the incompleteness of report for instance, although the organization is fully operating as net carbon company in UK however, on other hand, it failed to provide protective and peaceful working environment to its colleagues. The organization is also failing to meet the concerns of environmental challenges because they have established relationships with the suppliers who are violating the sustainability laws.

Tesco Shadow Account
In the recent years the quantity of voluntary, unregulated social, environmental and sustainability reporting (SER) has increased in UK as well as throughout the globe especially in multinational corporations. However, this effort is not much appreciated by the critics because they believe that the reporting is truly selective and unreliable. Along with critics, scholars have also claimed that these disclosures are not all about organizational accountability instead they are viewed as managerial attempts for resisting meaningful organizational change as well as control and manipulates the stakeholder sentiments (Dey, 2007). Due to lack of standards as well as mandatory regulations the legitimacy of corporate and sustainability reports can be questioned. Consequently, the concept of shadow reporting emerged whose pure intention is to represent a more reliable and accurate image of the companies regarding their CSR contributions  (Cho, 2020). The basic purpose of shadow reporting is to highlight inconsistencies as well as gaps against the corporate reports presented by the company itself. The whole process is carried out utilizing external sources, exhibiting a compilation of information collected from public domain which can effectively highlight how the CSR efforts of the company are viewed from perspective of society  (Perkiss, et al., 2020).

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