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A Difficulty For Players To Return To The NFL After Domestic Violence (Research Paper Sample)


THE TASK REQUIRED EXPLANATION why is it difficult for players to return to the NFL after incidents of domestic violence; and why domestic violence IS more prevalent within the African American NFL players.


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NFL Domestic Violence
The NFL domestic Violence question is a matter that is currently at the center of a raging conversation. Many people now associate NFL with violence and rarely can one mention NFL without making listeners create in their minds the image of Gareon Conley of Oakland Raiders perpetrating the ghastly act of rape or Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals punching a helpless woman so hard that the punch sends her sprawling on the ground unconscious. Even the mere mention of Caleb Brantley of the Cleveland Browns in the same sentence as NFL remind the fans as well the public, of Brantley's misdoings that are far much the same or worse than Mixon's.
This debate, therefore, not only questions the personal accountability of the NFL players, but also the corporate liability of the league, as well as the function of the criminal justice department. the presence of domestic violence among NFL players triggers the question,' what measurements can the league and the criminal justice system put in place to combat these ugly forms of sexual assault and domestic violence, and whose responsibility is it to spearhead the prevention?"
Although many people regard Football as a violent sport that attracts rewards depending on how constant the player's violent incidences occur, it is important for NFL players to have a proper grounding. Otherwise, those players are inclined to execute their violence even off the field, particularly when under duress. This assertion is reinforced by the fact that once exposed to anxiety or stress, the players tend to exhibit less thinking and more emotional behavior. And the worst part of it is that while anybody, sex, race, or status withstanding, can be a domestic violence victim, statistics reveal that over 90% of those battling with effects of domestic aggression are women.
Disciplinary jurisdiction in the NFL is vested in two principal sources, thus the league as well as the individual teams. NFL's 12 Commissioners, particularly possess authoritative powers in governing league matters. As a matter of fact, 13 collective bargaining agreements, bylaws, and Constitutions grant authority to the league commissioners to call to order the erring players for the perpetration of acts considered not to be in the “best interest” of the league. Such circumstances may include a situation where a player carries a weapon, for example, a rifle in his workplace or illegally holds it outside h

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